Smart Wipe Out Program allows for iPhone 5 upgrade

Smart is now introducing a pre-termination program to all its postpaid subscribers allowing them to upgrade to an iPhone 5 at a discounted fee. Called the Wipe Out Program, subscribers can get as much as 75% discount on their pre-termination fees.

Between March 22 and April 30, 2013 subscribers can pre-terminate their existing Smart postpaid plans and upgrade to any iPhone 5 plan. Pre-termination fees is usually computed as the monthly service fee multiplied by the remaining months.

The Wipe Out Program gives subscribers up to 75% discount on the pre-termination fee as long as they upgrade to any of the iPhone 5 plans (downgrades are not qualified).

Here’s the table of Wipe Out discounts, based on the number of remaining months in the contract.

To learn if you’re postpaid account is qualified, just text “WIPEOUT” to 2928 on your Smart handset. You can then proceed to any Smart Business Center, pay the corresponding Wipe Out fee and upgrade to an iPhone plan.


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  1. This just confirmed that Iphone 5 sale locally is not picking-up. That local telcos are doing this program just to ditch out their Iphone 5 inventories.
    I also experienced one time when I inquired for a samsung note 2 device for a new subscription and the account manager told me that they only have iphones. She even proposed a “special” amortized plan for it but I didn’t since I’m looking for an android device.
    I also heard that apple’s minimum orders for telcos are very high that is why they have these fat inventories of iphone. Smart even have iphone 4 in their pipeline that they want to dispose.

  2. Nice try Smart, but who wants an iPhone when Android and BlackBerry is at it’s peak, hipsters perhaps?

    • yeah. who want to be tied up to 2yrs contract with the soon outdated iph5. Hold for as long as you can. htc one,s4 and note3 are coming

    • angry_bird

      in the first place kung hindi gumaya ang globe sa smart sa electronic load, sa tingin mo ilan lang kaya magiging subs ni globe ngayon? seesh!

    • Kris Kikino

      Pwes sa autoloamax articles ka magcomment. Bobo!

  3. We were looking at SMART postpaid plans last night for our mom. The phone choices are so horrible. :|

    • Agree! Thats why many opted for globe. Kaso globe’s billing sucks bigtime. Joke lang ang credit limit – will still charge you much more than you consumed. Ibabalik anman nila kaso sobrangrereklamo mo muna ng todo. .

    • try to assess ko ano majority ng number na tatawagan mo. the combine mo lang optional add ons ng globe. I have been using my globe with add on for nearly 2 years at never pa ako nag excess… no limit sa downloads.. sa calls no limit at kahit sa text din. so sobrang sulit… and I’m only paying at less 1600 a month. malamang sa smart malayong malaki ang babayaran sa usage ko. PS. reklamo sa globe ay overrated.

  4. Horrible and expensive as well.

  5. nexusboy

    “To learn if you’re postpaid account is qualifies” so sorry i can’t help but notice. regarding the article, it’s simply copying globe.

  6. Kumusta ba LTE speed ng Smart? Nakakainggit sa Globe kapag pinopost yung internet speed nila sa IG. haha!

  7. anonymous

    Ad is intentionally fake. Undisclosed preconditions apply. Seems like 99.99% do not qualify. Text 2928 to find out if you are among the .1%

  8. Walang imik

    Ah yan ung program para sa mga atat! :)

  9. Konting tiis na lang mga brod. Lalabas na ang Galaxy S4, HTC one. Baka magsisi kayo.

  10. Calender Gerl

    If Smart did this during the iPhone 5 launch, then this would seem appropriate (just like what Globe did).

  11. James Deen

    Outdated na ang iPhne 5 by 2013 standards. …

  12. i just txt WIPEOUT on 2928, i got a reply “Sorry, you are not qualified to avail of Wipo out program based on pre certain conditions.” naka unli data me sa smart plan 2k.. wait nalang me ng S4…

  13. Ang daming android fantards hihi.
    Puro specs ang satsat, sana lang najujustify nga ng specs ang performance ng telepono niyo :)

    • Ignorant people like you should stay away from tech blogs if you don’t want to hear people diss about your beloved iOS. Go back to the shithole from where you came from

    • iPolpol

      been a solid samsung/android user ever since (up to GNote1), but now im using an iPhone5.. masabi ko lang sa iPhone, maganda aesthetics, mabilis/fluid, pero anglayo sa android when it comes to features kahit naka-jailbreak pa! saka size ng iPhone okay talga para sakin, sana naman khit lagyan nila ng mga system toggles atbp yung built-in iOS..really can’t have the best of both worlds ^_^

  14. @lolwut so for android fantards lang ang mga blog na to? Look who’s the real ignorant, my gawd.

    Ignorant people like you should stay away from tech blogs if you don’t want to hear people diss about your beloved Android. Go back to the shithole from where you came from.

    • The reason why I replied that to your comment is because of your senseless and stupid name calling. Also, you can just replied back at your comment but instead made a new one. NOOB!

  15. Galing din po ako sa android. Pero ito po, smart iphone5.
    ’nuff said.

  16. magkano ba pretermination fee ng smart postpaid? remaining months times MSF ba?

  17. Ken Eric

    Just texted WIPEOUT to 2928 and got a reply ” “Sorry, you are not qualified to avail of Wipeout program based on pre-certain conditions.”
    I called their support hotline and I was informed that it’s a system selection process and she couldn’t give me any info about the qualifications.


  18. i received text msg regarding the wipe out program i just need to pay 16k++ so that i can get the iphone 5 unit :)

  19. I qualified for the WIPEOUT program and all I have to do is to pay 2 thou++ pesos to preterminate my 2-year contract. However, Smart says that in addition to the pretermination fee, I still have to settle the applicable iPhone handset cash-out depending on the plan I choose. My 2-year postpaid contract ends in June 2013. Now why would I waste 2 thou++ pesos when I only have less than 2 months to wait?


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