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June 11, 2010

SmartBro WiFi and Smart Tag

Looks like Smart is testing a new service under their SmartBro brand which offers WiFi service to customers. Called the SmartBro WiFi, prepaid users get a Smart Tag with username and password to access WiFi hotspots for just Php10 per 40 minutes.

Smart is currently testing the service in one university (Ateneo de Manila University) according to one student there and they’ve even made a custom SIM card for AdMU students together with the Smart Tag.

According to one student who posted the info in the YugaTech FB Fan Page:

Today Smart was giving away free ATENEO edition Sim cards (numbers that start with 999.) PLUS, something they call SMART TAG.

It’s like SMART BRO. except you don’t have a USB modem. Just a permanent username and password. You can reload it like a normal smart bro. And you use that TAG (username and password) to access ANY smart bro hotspots.

Upon registration, you get 5 days unlimited wifi access right away. To extend for 1 day you pay 30 pesos.

It looks like an integration of PLDT’s Airborne Access service and SmartBro but with a much cheaper rate. I’m not sure how much is the current rate of Airborne Access but I’m sure it’s not Php10 per 40 minutes.

Update: Looks like Smart’s already have about 500 hot spots installed across the country for this and the regular rate is Php15 per 30 minutes. I guess the Php10/40 minutes is a promo rate for AdMU students only. Existing SmartBro postpaid customers get unlimited WiFi access on any SmartBro WiFi hotspots.

Hat tip to Joey Oliver Nocom.

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26 Responses to “SmartBro WiFi and Smart Tag”

  1. Jhay says:

    This is neat! Wonder what will Globe showcase to compete?

  2. geek says:

    Checked out his post in your discussions page. I think his name was JOEY.. not JOEL.

  3. joeyoliver says:

    HAHA. Yeah.

    Sir, it’s joey po! not joel.

  4. Jiro Yan says:

    i’ll get this one because some Starbucks is Airborne Access. And I only have Globe Tattoo WiFi Unlimited Account.

  5. Chris
    Twitter: chrisalparas

    sa school namin (TUP-Manila) nung April pa nagbigay ng Smart Tag. May Smart Bro WiFi din sa school namin.

  6. Christopher Quijano
    Twitter: c_quijano

    This is the rebranded version of Airborne Access. If you try to visit the AA website ( you will be redirected to website.

    Its about time — AA’s rates was SO expensive (imagine P100 for about an hour) to P15 per 30 mins.

    And oh — if you are an existing SmartBro prepaid subs — you can avail the 7 days unlimited wifi for about P150.

  7. Jon
    Twitter: rand0m_insanity

    I used to get wifi through airborne access hotspots, but after the rebranding to this, I cannot log in anymore. I think this service is free to all smartbro subscribers (postpaid) such as plugit, share-it, and the canopy type. I just can’t figure out how to re-register. This comes in really handy when you need to send emails or stuff when elsewhere.

  8. yuga says:

    @joey – sorry, typo. and thanks for the tip. ;)

  9. loadex says:

    Free access sa Smartbro Wifi hotspots for Smartbro postpaid subscriber?


  10. marvin
    Twitter: dodimar

    Smartbro has already bought airborne access. What smart will do is implement their own data plans using the existing infrastructure of airborne access. That means that all previous airborne access will be converted to Smartbro Tag.

    This is the information I got from someone I know that works for smartbro. But I will verify this again with him.

  11. marvin
    Twitter: dodimar

    Just confirmed it with someone who works with smartbro..

    Smartbro now owns Airborne Access..

  12. RJCA says:

    I got my Smart sim card and Smart Tag yesterday at our ORSEM. :) I haven’t tried using the Smart Tag card though, maybe on Tuesday.


  13. smart_is_stupid says:

    Wow that is great. Very cool!

    ooops I forgot, wifi is FREE in malls, coffeshops, motels/hotels, condominium buildings, and convenience stores


  14. smart_is_stupid says:

    and oh yeah I almost forgot, Sun mobile broadband is only: 6 PESOS PER HOUR,and you don’t even have to be in a wifi hotspot.

  15. Angie says:

    Well Globe and UST joined forces to bring their students the UST sim in commemoration of the University’s 400th year foundation. While UST brings Wi-Fi connectivity to their students for free.

    But the catch, it’s goes slow every afternoon.

  16. jessica says:

    guys, i got a much cheaper service than smart. its called wi-free. its only 400 pesos and i have unlimited internet using my usb modem for 1 month… i dont even need a load for that.

    no need to be in a wifi hotspot. speeds are fast too. check it out.

  17. desco says:

    UST got wifi all over the campus free. not for outsiders nga lang. need to register your Student No.

  18. free wifi thats great with smartbro. how about its speed? i have a smartbro and the speed is really slow. i dont know if it is the place or it is in the network.

  19. ikilobo says:

    yeah, i’ll try it…

  20. CON
    Twitter: cOnverified

    They also offer this kind of thing in AUF here in Angeles,Pampanga

  21. omfgmeeks says:

    @jessica: heey what service is that & where can i buy/subscribe?.. plz email me

    my bro’s wife told me that i could get a sim for 400 bucks with unli internet for a month too..

  22. jessica says:

    hi you may contact him at 09326549394 to get unlimited internet.

  23. noiret says:

    I wonder if this facility still exist till now…

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