Still suffering from ISP dis-connectivity

Over at PTB, Arnold is taking a spot survey from readers on the status of their ISP’s connectivity. For my end, it’s still spotty. There will be times that the speeds are decent (though not at par with normal) and there will be times that it’s totally useless to go online.

I have PLDT myDSL which is the worst hit. Surprisingly though, Smart Bro seems to be doing much better than expected.

So, I went out and tried several AirborneAccess hotspots but couldn’t login. Then I discovered that my free account from them already expired last December 31. Time to use that Globe WiZ backup but none is in sight.

Again, Smart 3G/GPRS saves the day. It’s not really that fast but feels better than dial-up (97kbps via 2Wire).

How’s everybody else’s connection nowadays?

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  1. Very nice information. Thanks for this.its great to see someone with a like mind.

  2. maanghang nga eh

    i’m not surprised about PLDT’s performance in connectivity, although my eyes went wide when Smart’s doing good. Quite ironic, they’re of the same company. Anyway, my PLDT with QIK is doing fine. Had it installed recently when it was relaunched.

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