Sun Broadband offers Smart TV bundle under Plan 1299

Sun Broadband recently introduced a new offering that will get you a Smart TV, an Android tablet, and a pocket WiFi under a single plan.

sun broadband smart tv

Under Sun Broadband’s Gadget Plan 1299, subscribers will get a 32-inch MyView HD Smart LED TV with keyboard and mouse, an Acer Iconia B1 tablet, and a Pocket WiFi with 60 hours worth of internet.

This Gadget Plan 1299 bundle has a lock-in period of 30 months and comes with an Anti-Bill Shock guarantee.


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  1. We want to avail of the Smart TV Plan 1299 at the office. Can you demonstrate as per request of my boss. Thanks a lot..
    Our office is located at 26 Harvard St. Cubao, QC
    Asian Pacific.

    • This promo is at Sun Cellular. Why are you asking Yugatech to do the demo???

    • This made my day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart miss Tess Pinga.

    • Hello Ms. Tess Pinga,

      Thank you for your interest with our Smart TV Plan. We would just like to get the following information from you before proceeding with the application process:

      * What is your favorite ice candy flavor?
      * Where have you been last night?
      * How’s your day tomorrow?
      * Mahilig ka ba sa sinigang?


      Mr. Hugo

    • Tess pingol

      Panalo si tess pinga! Biglang nawala antok ko! Hahaha

    • abuzalzal

      Ms. Tinga,

      If you can kindly demonstrate how your brain functions I would be very happy?


    • Tandaan: walang PERPEKTO, ang mali ay itama pero WAG ipahiya.

  2. kung unlimited ang net n2 panalo. pro 60 hrs? zzzzzzzzzz

  3. abuzalzal

    uhm…presyong mangga-gantso. Hindi katiwa-tiwala

  4. Panalo ka Tess Pinga! Ginawa ba namang sales rep ang yugatech! Gusto pa atang magpa office presentation kung pano mag avail ng plan sa Sun!

    • nganga na lang ang mag-subcribe jan :D

    • ang alam ko sa ganyan may included sim na may unli call n text + regular load o baka 60 hours every month yung kasamang pocket wifi.. di naman siguro ganun ka bobo yung sun :)

    • tawa ako dito eh hahaha as if naman na devices lng ang makukuha ng magsusubscribe dito

    • jherwynne

      @no name

      Aside dun sa TV and Tablet, can you also add subscription ng Internet (time 30 months) saka yung price nung Myfi device?

  5. Benchmark

    Hi tess pinga, you can click the link (or copy-paste it to your web browser)
    This will direct you to Suns FB page, hope this helps.

  6. Cut her some slack please. Yes, her comment amused me too, but insulting her for it with such passion is uncalled for. I have seen Filipinos and many other nationalities for that matter do more ignorant stuff in my native country, Spain, and yes, it does amuse us, but never to the point of throwing kicks like the abu personality has. And assuming most if not all here are Filipinos, well except a few like myself perhaps, it’s downright baffling how one bitch can call another a bitch. Benchmark dude, your comment was helpful, now that’s what you guys must have said and shut the insults and ridicules. Thank you!

    • SiyaDawSiHey

      ^kunwari ka pa! Ikaw si TESS PINGA no?! Pa-spain spain kapa dyan, baka taga espana manila ka lang! Cut her some slack kapa dyan! Cge papacut ko sya ng slacks sa sastre ko!

  7. grabe naman cyber bullying dito.

  8. Rollout niyo muna 3G niyo nationwide. Sa amin 2G pa rin data ng Sun. Samantalang 4G na Smart and Globe.


    Hahaha.idol tlga yuga! Nirepost sa fb page ng yugatech para lalong sumikat si tess pinga! Hahaha! Abuzalzal, nsan kna?


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