Sun Cellular offers Galaxy Note 2 on Plan 1699

PLDT-owned Sun Cellular has recently announced in their Facebook page the latest addition to their premium handset offering – the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The 5.5-inch handset will be offered under the Plan 1500 with and additional cash-out which, if broken down to a monthly fee, will equate to PhP199. If we are to multiply that by 30, which is the duration of the lock-in period of the said postpaid plan, that’s a total of Php5970 cash-out on top of the Php45K total that you have to pay for the plan itself.

SGN2 Sun Cellular

Sun Cellular’s offer is actually the cheaper than what Smart (UnliData Plan 1500 + Php11,500 cash-out) and Globe (UnliSurf Plan 1799 + Php4,800 cash-out) is currently offering. Sun’s modified Plan 1699 includes unlimited internet and unlimited inter-network voice calls and SMS. Moreover, you’ll also get 250 worth of SMS to other networks, 60 minutes worth of IDD calls and Unlimited calls to Sun Cellular landline in selected areas.

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  1. nice one…SUN this reliable?

  2. Sun signal is great within metropolitan areas.
    Currently, they are out of stocks! Got a reservation and still waiting… 6 days and counting.

  3. Sulit talaga ang Sun.
    Disappointing lang na may bago silang promo or gadget/plan na ngayon pa lang inaadvertise pero wala nang stock? Excited pa nman ako. Haha.

  4. Mobile internet ba ng Sun, reliable? :)

  5. Templar_kaozzzz

    Yup so far 2 year na ko sa sun ok naman ang net services nila, not good for torrentz kasi naka cap sila once nag torrent ka pag download nakaka 300KB ako :) top of the unli sun calls and text so super sulit, and nice offer! sana pati sa tab phones may nice deal sila, currently using my sun sim sa nOTE 2 ko, only drawback is that in ilocos region wala sila 3G kaya pag holidays Edge lang ang meron ako. :(

  6. Unlimited inter-network voice calls???

  7. Tama ba basa ko? Unlimited inter-network voice calls??? Unlimited call sa lahat ng network?

  8. knives809

    Inter-network lang ang ginamit na term pero it means sun to sun calls and texts.

  9. i think add was misquoted. I think Yuga means “intra-network”, meaning unlimited sun-sun calls & text.

    also, “unlimited calls to sun cellular landline”, should have been “unlimited landline calls, in your selected area. The virtual landline aspect of this (with its own landline number) works like Globe Duo

    Super sulit! had I know, I would have waited for this one instead of the S3 1699 3 months ago. Sana magkaroon ng “reset calculator” (ehem ehem)

  10. The Globe pricing is outdated. I have just gotten hold of their end of 2012 brochure and the Galaxy SIII and Note II are both offered at Php1,699/month for ONLY 24 months (suncell’s is at Php1,699 for 30 months).


  11. Outdated na po ang Globe pricing na iyan. As of today, Php1,699 na lang ang S3 at Note 2, at 24months pa! Talo ang suncellular!

    • Pano naging talo? Unli Call and Text, Unli Mobile Internet, Unli Landline Call under 30 months si SUN. 24 months si globe pero whats the inclusion?

    • GLOBE has the worst data connection…and worst customer service…they dont even know their products and promos… :

      2 more months and im switching to SUN or Smart

    • Are you sure? Never had problem with Globe’s data connection. I’m getting 7mbps at peak and more or less 1mbps at minimum.

      Try force hspa/umts on your android or turn on 3g if on iPhone. Sometimes we just don’t know how to optimize things and we judge without adequate knowledge on how it really work.

    • Sa ibang tao siguro mas gusto nila yung sa Sun.

      For me, talo ang suncellular sa head-to-head na ito kasi hindi ko naman nagagamit masyado ang unli call and text nila.

      So yung 999 unli mobile internet ng Globe plus 700 for the unit (Php1,699 MSF x 24) will save me Php10,194 PLUS I’ll get to have a new phone 6 months earlier (compared to Sun), not to mention GLOBE’s 3G is more stable and has more coverage in the areas I frequent. Tapos ang Globe ay nag-ro-rollout na rin ng LTE dito sa areas kung saan ako nakatira at nagtatrabaho.

      May LTE na rin ba ang suncell?


  12. Outdated na po ang Globe pricing na iyan. Nasa 2012 brochure nila — Php1,699 na lang ang S3 at Note 2, at 24months pa! Talo ang suncellular!

  13. been waiting for the release of the the galaxy S-IV, but this deal’s so sweet, i might just go for it.

  14. got my sgs3 last july 2012 on Globe with plan 999 + 700 cashout for the phone (for 24 months) with unlimited browsing plus free add-ons. heheh free 250 texts globe to globe + free call minutes pinili q add-on eh. sulit dn kasi adik aq sa net, and i can use my s3 as a mobile hotspot n pde dn for gaming (been playing online steam games with just 180-250ms ping!!!). pra sakin, sulit ang plan n pinili q. i think it depends on your personal preference and usage.

    • Ano po yung mga requirements na kailangan para madaling maapprove yung kinukuha plan? O dito po sa sun eh madali lang mag-apply?

    • ahm anu anu po ung dapat gawin para makuha yung plan na yan for galaxy note 2? kasi gusto ko po kumuha ea

  15. Just to correct @Docalfred, “intra” means WITHIN networks, “inter” means ACROSS network. These two preffix are commonly mistaken for each other, but for telco practitioners, it’s part of the jargon :)

  16. Nice plan, I wonder, do they have hspa+ connection?

  17. How much ang memory ng note 2 or s3 sa sun plan1699? Hindi kasi alam ng mga sales sa sun shop.

  18. Ok na ok ang sun plan 1699 compared sa globe plan 1699. ultimately mas matipid dahil sa unlimited call and text intranetwork .

  19. i’m thinking of getting the samsung note II, i’m still assessing if it’s really worth the 30 months lock in period;

    P1699 x 30 mos = p50,970 (but yes i get unlimited sun to sun cell calls / unlimited (?) internet / plus unlimited metro manila landline calls)

    P26000 = cost of unit at the grey market.

    i have wifi connection at home, and would only use the sun internet while in the office or during transit.

    i asked the customer service rep and says it has no cap for internet (but i doubt it).

    i use a broadband internet cable at home and it does the job very well (no cap) for my torrents download.

  20. James Bond

    2 weeks and counting… NOTE II = STOCK OUT!!!

  21. Gaano po kabilis ang wifi sa sun plan 1699? ggamitin ko kc pang skype with video.

  22. magkano po kaya ang cash out for note 2???

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  24. Genocide

    Maganda to, lakas din ng singal ng sun lalo na pag 1am to 8am. Pero kaso lng, maraming issues yung service nila sa nakaraan 2 months. Pa hirapan ang pag connect sa internet.. LOL


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