Surf Friendster WAP All Day for Php20

Friendster and Globe Telecom has partnered to provide all day surfing on their phones to the Friendster Mobile site for only Php20.

This unlimited WAP Data Plan, called Friendster Surf All Day, is available to all Globe prepaid subscribers. Not sure if postpaid subscribers are also included. The Php20 one-time charge will enable users to access for 24 hours.

friendster globe

Friendster users must have their mobile phones configured to access cellular data using the myGlobe Connect APN to register and use the ‘Friendster Surf All Day’ data plan.

Users that do not have the correct myGlobe APN settings can text GO to 2951 or call Globe Customer Service via 730-1000 or toll free via 211.

Looks like a good deal to the millions of Filipinos still hooked up on Friendster. Instead of spending Php20 an hour in an internet cafe, you get 24 hours access on your mobile phone.

Hopefully, more sites will also be included in this type of service plan (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Update: Turns out Smart Comm is also doing the same service plan to Friendster Mobile to its subscribers (as confirmed by Friendster PR). Only difference is that Smart is charging Php25/24hours.

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  1. Hope that they don’t forget plurk! hehe

  2. Christopher Quijano
    Twitter: c_quijano


    The said Friendster All Day is also available to SMART subscribers, although the subscribers will be charged at 25 Pesos.

    Hopefully, Facebook will come up soon with similar offers.

  3. Profile photo of Abe Olandres

    @Chris – thanks for the additional info. :)

  4. wee, saya naman. kaya lang minsan n lang ako magbukas sa friendster, sana pati facebook iganyan n din ng globe! :D

  5. Thanks for this info. I’ve seen a lady in the jeep doing her friendster on mobile phone. That could be it.

  6. sana plurk or twitter at FACEBOOK nalang

  7. eew. friendster is so yesterday.

  8. Abe, may info ka kung bakit down dalawang araw na ang Globe broadband. Boong Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Marikina daw.

  9. My Smart Bro connection is on a slope, first time on my whole year subscription though. Anyone knows about this ISP tripping thing nowadays? Upgrade? Downgrade? Dead end?


  10. buong makati, pala, wrong spelling.

  11. eto pa po good news to all smart subscribers. Unlimited call starting June 26 =)

  12. this is a nice move by friendster to regain their avid supporters

  13. Wow! This should be great!

    Nino Natividad

  14. lol although I tend to agree JohnLloy and Kelvin. I rarely check my Friendster and often go to Facebook. Twitter should also be included as well, although I believe ayaw ng Twitter na i-charge ang mga users nila kaya most likely di papayag ang Globe (or even Smart) LOL

  15. cutemoboy
    Twitter: SuperBjay

    FACEBUK!!! tsk

  16. yosikadiri

    Plurk? Yuck, who uses plurk anyway? a couple of thousands?

    Buti pa ang Twitter at Facebook, millions of users.

  17. kill3rfill3r
    Twitter: killrfillr

    Bihira ko na lang buksan ang friendster ko.
    Facebook and Twitter sana.

  18. marlowemarlowe

    yeah. i agree.. TWITTER & FACEBOOK.. kung kailan pababa na ang FS tska pa maguunli offer ang globe @ smart? naku naman… gcing please…. wer’s the topnotch, innovative service u r teling… hais. =]

  19. Jose Farrugia
    Twitter: mangochico

    Friendster is dead folks ;)

  20. iMadrid

    I pity the fools who would waste Php 20-25 on tired old technologies. WAP and Friendster. SMART think your a sucker.

    Why don’t they just Sell Unlimited Internet Data services on your cellphone. You pick and choose which part of the internet you wish to go. Send Tweets, post blog, websurf and facebook.

  21. but you can surf the internet by your mobile phone without loosing money…

  22. bryanflurry
    Twitter: bryanflurry

    Twitter and Facebook SMS for Sun Cellular:

    Been using it for months now. There are occasional lags but most of the time it’s reliable. You can change some settings(such as blocking user but only in sunalertz, not in twitter itself) through SMS, but the other settings such as toggling twitter following list, you have to visit the website. Subscription price is affordable. Receive unlimited tweets during the subscribed period. The service has potential but needs improvements such as: putting an option to turn off updates and only receive @replies @mentions and DMs. Also, it won’t work not unless there’s a signal lol :)

  23. Question: Can we download games and applications in facebook while registered to surf all day? Pls. respond. Thanks!

  24. Unlimited facebook for P20/24hours is already available via the same promo. Same with plurk, wikipedia and (who uses ping anyways??). I also have the same question as Irene. Can you play games and use the applications in FB? Because if not, then the thing is kind of useless unless you want to change your status every minute.


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