The Curious Case of Wi-Tribe Bandwidth Cap

The recent soft-launch of Wi-Tribe in the Philippines drew mixed reactions. While a number of people were excited about another telco-challenger, a few others who’ve tried it during the beta phase are complaining about the bandwidth cap.

The biggest complaint so far is the bandwidth caps being imposed by Wi-Tribe (although we already know other telcos are also doing some sort of bandwidth capping for years now).

Some reports coming in is that P2P traffic is limited to only 3GB per month. However, if you use the service between 1am to 7am, your bandwidth usage will not be logged/monitored (according to their Fair Use Policy).

If the 3GB cap is reached, the 1Mbps connection will be throttled down to just 256Kbps. This is then re-set back to normal on the next monthly cycle. (The figures here have not been verified since Wi-Tribe’s Fair Use Policy does not specify the numbers).

Area of coverage for Wi-Tribe.

Why have one?

Well it’s designed to make sure your broadband service is fast and reliable whenever you use it.

Some of our broadband customers use file sharing software and download large files like music and videos. This uses up lots of network capacity leaving less available for you. If they’re doing this at peak times, it could mean that the speed of your broadband service will be affected.

Am I likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy?

If you don’t use file sharing software or download large files from the Internet it’s unlikely you’ll ever be affected by this policy. If you do, all we ask is that you do so considerately, perhaps by downloading outside the peak hours of 1am to 7am. Don’t forget that media streaming, including the streaming of internet radio contributes to your use of bandwidth and may, if left permanently on, cause you to be in breach of this policy.

What will happen if my use is very high?

If you only occasionally have very high usage, we’re unlikely to be concerned. If it is happening regularly, we may either have to reduce the transmission speed of your broadband while we continue to keep an eye on your usage, or suspend your service and/or possibly close your account.

We don’t want to do that, and with your support and goodwill we’ll work with you to see if we can avoid this happening.

I think 3GB is just too small for a bandwidth cap. Maybe somewhere around 20GB could be a “fair” limit. That un-metered slot between 1am to 7am is classic for dial-up providers even until now.

Will have to follow this up and confirm some of the details with Wi-Tribe.

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  1. unsatisfiedconsumer

    nakakainis talaga itong wi-tribe yung DOUBLE THE SPEED promotion nila is what we called “false advertisement” parang yung sa amin 1mbps speed ng net ko sabi nila i full payment daw gagawing 2mbps never naman namin na achieve dito sa QC nung nagpadala ng technician sabi hindi daw kinaya ng system nila kaya daw hindi ma-reach yung promised speed tapos 2-4 weeks na mabagal internet namin sabi may maintenence daw kasi sa Quezon City sobrang tagal maayos eto pa nagkanda late payment namin kasi HNDI SILA NAGPAPADALA NG BILLING STATEMENT sasabihin pag tumawag ka may problema sa courier services nila hay naku sa kabwisitan mo gugustuhin mong ipa cancel service sabay babanatan ka may 24 month po kayong contract hello???? ipapaputol ba namin service kung satisfied kami? hindi na nga kami satisfied hindi nyo pa inaayos mga inirereklamo namin may karapatan naman kami ipa cancel service nyo (wi-tribe) lalo pa at puro kunsumisyon lang naman dala nyo sa aming mga consumers



  3. net surfer

    guys wag masyadong mareklamo sa cap na yan dahil kahit san meron nyan..hanap na lang ng ibang telco na walang limit like globe wimax.i am working with one of the US telco’s (Sprint with Nextel). We imposed cap limit of 5gb/month to our subscribers, yun nga lang they would still get the same speed kahit na nag eexceed na sila sa limit nila kaso nag chacharge kami per kb kapag nag exceed na..i juz dunno kung ganundin dito sa atin.binabawasan lang ata nila ang speed mo kapag nag exceed ka na..lipat na lang ng ibang telco yung mas established..buti na lang nabasa ko tung site na to coz i am planning to go to market-market later to visit witribe stand up kiosk coz i am planning to switch to witribe..i changed my mind after reading this thread.i will stick na lang sa globe tattoo mabilis pa surfing ko at di nag bubuffer kapag nanonood ako ng online movies o naguutube ako.problema nga lang ako sa torrent 5days din bago natapus ang download ko peru di naman lagi naka online sa isang araw 2hours lang dahil pagud sa work.weekends lang ako nakakapag whole day ol..peru ok na rin to kesa sasakit ulo ko sa witribe.ill stick wirh globe..baka try ko rin sun kasi mas mura sila.

  4. nakakatawa

    WIMAX you say? 20gb/month ang capping sa wimax… same for dsl… so don’t bother.

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  6. rey mendoza

    as far as i’am concern nag try ako for subscription pero sinabi nila walang tie-up or contract for the services that they offered,if i’m not interested for the services it so easy just surrender all the equipment to their office in binondo and after that your done, before i subscribe with them i asked everything specially the contract if they have , all questions are honestly answered and the only things that i can do is to check and monitor the speed of the internet connection and once it may not satisfied my need, automatically i will stop my subscription with them. that’s it.

  7. just to add to this thread. there might be others who are saying wi-tribe is ok since the last time this thread has been clicked. but to date, june 13, 2012, wi-tribe’s service here at our place (deparo, caloocan city north) is as irritating as trying to demand payment from creditors that have been trying to hide upon your arrival. wi-tribe allows selling of their services by their asshole agents to areas that are far or those that are not covered by their signal umbrella.their agents bring in false coverage maps that will fool likely clients, just like us, from subscribing. later when you complain about slow speeds, they would suggest that you retern the wimax modem for a usb type modem so you can be more mobile. their solution to slow speed is to divert to a usb type modem and relocate your computer to an area that their signal would be stronger. hahaha, what a great suggestion. no wonder wi-tribe’s service is this slow, their employees are also slow. you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to feel when your usage is slow.

    i was really surprised because, for me, when your launching a new business, you should be customer oriented. you should be truthful in transacting with probable clients, showing them the pros and the cons if they would subscribe to your offer. wi-tribe should also turn down clients if they know that that they could not meet the minimum requirement to make their customers contented.

    but alas, what would you expect from Chinese entrepreneurs that would kill people for money.

  8. Has anybody here tried PREPAID Wi-Tribe service? If so, how was it in your area? Please state your city for me to know which areas have weak and strong stregths.

  9. Pande Coco

    Wi-tribe is so slow…. F*ck*ng slow.

  10. Most of the people commenting here about this shitty provider are true. I have experienced all things that have been commented here.

    Firstly, when I applied, they never showed me the T&C. They never even explained about the 24-month contract bullsh*T. I signed up October last year, and never I received a copy of my invoice until now. February 2013.

    The connection speed is always intermittent and crawls slower that a slug. I have 2mbps though I feel like I am using a dial-up.

    This month, I have experienced disrupted service for two consecutive days. I called about it and all I got was a fake apology. They didn’t even give me anything to compensate to the inconvenience they’ve caused me. I work online and I can’t believe I put my trust to them.

    In less than 24hrs when I got my service back, i received a message saying they have temporarily regulated my speed due to extreme heavy usage! I felt so happy that I smashed my keyboard to my monitor! PREPOSTEROUS!

    I called their hotline and the representative told me to disregard the message because my name was not on the list. I also sent an email just to make sure that no further disruption might occur to my service and look what they replied,

    “Actually we verified it with our support team and your account is already subjected to wi-tribe’s fair usage policy. The speed will revert to normal at the beginning of the next month.”

    So basically, they have TERRIBLE SERVICE and now they also pay LIARS to handle their customers. PERFECT COMBINATION.

    I still have 7 more months to stay with them before the end of this ‘secret’ contract.
    Let’s see what other surprises can they give me. I JUST CAN’T WAIT!

  11. witribe is the slowest ISP here in the Philippines!

  12. i think they should provide their own proxy / cache servers to minimize bandwidth used by users…

  13. Atecors

    para sakin it still depends on the location.. kumbaga hiyangan lng din nman.. I have wi-tribe here in Antipolo, subscribed for 1Mbps. I usually do speedtest, and I can have .8Mbps and even .9Mbps in the morning and .6Mbps pag mga bandang hapon at gabi.. Problema ko lang e ung bandwidth kasi madownload ang kapatid ko, which is a problem for every wireless ISP I guess?

  14. Brando Braganza

    sana kc bago kyo gumamit ng isang technology (wireless internet) e ng re2search muna kyo. kahit anong ireless internet provider pa yan, pg malayo kayo sa cell site nila, e malamang mabagal ng a ang coverage na makuha nyo. parang cellphone lng. almost 2 yrs na ko subscriber ng witribe d2 sa maypajo, caloocan. ok ang speed nila in terms of signal from cellsite to my modem. kung mgka issue man sila, usually dahil may preventive maintenance silang ginagawa to improve the service. ang issue ko lng ngaun ay ung bandwith cap. sobrang heavy download user kasi ako. kaya 15th of the month pa lng ay “regulated” na ang speed ko. e ganon din naman sa kahit anong provider :O) katulad nga ng sabi ko, check check din kc ng article sa internet about “wireless internet” pg may time. nagmumuka kc kyong tanga sa angal nyo e mukang ndi nyo naman inalam kung ano ung nature ng service na kinuha nyo. salamas.


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