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November 20, 2008

Why telcos prefer time-based charging on 3G?

If you survey various telcos around the globe, you will notice that all of them offer packet-based charging for 3G or Ev-DO. Only in the Philippines you’d get time-based charging. And the reason why?

A telco executive once told me most Filipinos do not understand packet charging or related terms such as bandwidth, KB, megabyte or gigabyte. Time-based charging is more understandable since it’s the same way as using net cafes or dial-up internet at home.

When GRPS and WAP services was first introduced years ago, they were offered at packet-based charging. People didn’t like it because they don’t want to be surprised how much their bill would end up after connecting to the net.

When I first tried GPRS back in 2003, I tried visiting my blog, left a comment and logged out. That 3 page visits I made cost me about Php100 on my prepaid account. I never tried it again.

The other week, when I went to an overnight trip to Singapore, I used my XPeria X1 tethered to my MSI Wind to go online. SingTel 3G charging was on per KB so I was careful not to visit heavy sites or download anything. Had they been doing time-based charging, I would have easily managed my connection time.

In hindsight, I thought we’re much fortunate to be able to choose between packet-based and time-based charging when running on 3G (at least for Globe Telecom). Besides, Smart Bro’s Php1,500 Unlimited offer is already a good bargain.

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33 Responses to “Why telcos prefer time-based charging on 3G?”

  1. R.I.P edhstar says:

    hay! well kaya lang sinabi yan para gumawa ng pangalan. tang ina mo pagkatapos mong pinakinabangan magiingay k n?. isa kang walang kwentang bobong nilalang..sana nkapag-isip isip ka muna bago ka nagi-ingay kung meron ka mang ganun..

  2. FBT says:

    putang ina mo! Edzhstar

  3. Anonymous says:

    freedom of speech ka diyan. ayan ang tinatawag na abuse ng freedom na iyan. remember even if you COULD doesn’t mean that you SHOULD!

  4. AntiPEONS says:

    Hindi ka lang kasi marunong. Turuan kita, gusto mo?

  5. Reborn says:

    Gago..yan akai na yan moderator ka pa nman..cguro pnatalsik klang sa mga grupo mu kaya gumagawa ka ng ingay.. Gung2x.. Madame ka pa naman namod na application 4 UFBT

  6. Reborn says:

    Gago..yan akai na yan moderator ka pa nman..cguro pnatalsik ka ng mga kagrupo mu kaya gumagawa ka ng ingay.. Gung2x.. Madame kaya yan namod na application 4 UFBT….gago

  7. Tangnam0 says:

    Hindi si akai yan. Ginamit lang ni boy sumbong pangalan nya. Tanga ba si akai para ilaglag sarili nya? Sarap ng free internet. Pustahan, nakiki ubt rin mga sumbungero dito. Pweh!

  8. Nytrain says:

    Your stupid dude edz. May problema nga ang mga network pero hindi hacker smacke slacker o whatever. Problema nila yung system nila. Hindi polido. Kaya yari na kayo nyan mga ungas.

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