Wi-Tribe offers Php200 per GB bandwidth

New telco player, Wi-Tribe, has finally addressed their bandwidth strategy by offering some sort of pay-per-use.

Aside from doubling up the bandwidth cap to 6GB, you’re able to top up your bandwidth usage by Php200 per GB.

The current 4G packages include: 1Mbps @ Php998 and 2Mbps @ Php1,998 per month.

I know that the Philippines has one of the most expensive rates in terms of bandwidth but Php200 per GB seems very high.

If that’s the case, then they should just bump up the speeds to 5Mbps or even 10Mbps since it’s consumption-based (downloading 1GB of data in 10 minutes costs the same as downloading 1GB in 3 hours).

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  1. anu ba magandang internet connection na mabilis at pede mag download ng torrents?

  2. 100% expensive
    100% slow internet
    100% Capping
    100% Disappointment
    Mbps – Mega Bucks Per Second $$$
    Unlimited migraine
    Guarantee screwed up

  3. Wi-tribe is a scam company. They don’t provide decent internet speed. I haven’t been able to use mine for 5 months and they won’t allow me to cut the service. What scumbags!

    No decent person who needs a decent internet connection should even consider Wi-tribe. Its junk!


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