Philippine Net Speed now at 2.1Mbps, up from 1.4Mbps

During the first quarter of 2013, Akamai reports that average Philippine Internet Speed was at 1.4Mbps. One year later (Q1 2014), the average internet speed jumped to 2.1Mbps or about 49% increase year-on-year.

This puts the Philippines ahead of Vietnam (2.0Mbps) and India (1.7Mbps) in the world rankings but now behind from Indonesia (2.4Mbps), Malaysia (3.5Mbps), Thailand (5.2Mbps) and Hong Kong (13.3Mbps).

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Twelve (12) months ago, Akamai published a similar report which puts the Philippine internet speed at 1.4Mbps.

By end of 2013 (Q4), the average PH speed increased to 2.0Mbps. This represents only 5% increase per quarter which shows a slow growth.

In 2010, the average internet speed for the Philippines was 0.9Mbps {source}.

While the average speed has significantly increased from last year by 50%, the average peak speed has also decreased.

From 13Mbps average peak speed in Q2 of 2013, it ballooned to 32Mbps by end of 2013. However, after Q1 of 2014, it dropped back to 18Mbps. This could be the result of the capping of LTE connections which used to be unlimited in 2013.

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  1. Rabbit29

    still too slow :/

  2. So what these really you want to.pointed in us? could we now rejoicement and hub a party? these speed is steal readicolusly low.

  3. someguy

    At least they’re trying. Props for them

  4. Hen-Sheen

    Still not convinced. Those entities are holding us back, 2.1Mbps? Proposed budget of speed increase by 3Mbps more may require “more funds”; that will take forever….. NTC & Telco corporations are not into Quality anymore; royalty fee/s for every customer? That’s getting old!

  5. lumakas ba? parang wala naman ah!

  6. They are just doing this para pakalmahin ang mga tao. Kapag nawala na yung focus sa kanila, balik lang yang mga yan sa dati nilang gawi. Tsk tsk.

  7. parang china news lang ito iba ung sinasabi sa actual na ginagawa at nangyayari.

    still getting .98mbps offpeak and .45mbps peaktime speeds for a PLDT DSL 2mbps plan the irony of it is I’m a subscriber already for more than a decade and I’m just 200-300 meters away from their office…

  8. John Snow

    WOW! Ang bilis na! Feeling ko sulit na sulit na ang binabayaran ko sa PLDT ~ *sarcastic*

    Yeah 2 Mbps i-ping mo server nila. Pero actual speed mo around 1Mbps or less pa rin. Minsan nadidisconnect pa

    • Trollololooool

      LoL? PLDT worst ISP ever.. -.-”

      Uminit lang DC, umulan DC.. Juicecolored… -.-‘

  9. still… SHAME

  10. Easy E

    That feeling that you’re being lied to. Sana lang they are measuring the actual throughput and not “ping” values.

  11. Helveltica

    Wow! I really feel the increased speed now. We improved our ranking while making our internet fee just right on price for the speed and quality we have… /s

    Seriously, this isn’t enough. We are moving more towards to cloud computing, and telcos/gov are taking advantage of our dependence on it. :(

  12. pretty useless pa rin, kasi ang 1k ko, 350kbps lang ang binibigay sa akin na speed, kahit anong sabi ko sa globe na dapt atleast 1Mbps un, ang katwiran nila eh pang wi-max lang daw kasi yun, at broadband ako, di daw pwede palitan, kung gus2 ko raw palitan, magdagdag daw ako ng additional na bayad sa bill ko, tengene dba… kaya kahit anong sabi ng survey na yan, kung ang mga telcom naman eh di nila inaaus ang services nila, bali wala ang yan survey na yan!!

    • Helveltica

      Globe WiMax user here. They also told me about that, though your a bit better situation than mine since I have no choice anyways, I already max speed they can offer in my area. D:

      About the survey, maybe the our ISP sponsor it? :P

  13. Rafael

    Baka PRESS RELEASE lang yan ng mga telco para hindi na sila magisa sa senado.

    Ramdam nyo ba yung pagbabago sa internet speed? Ako @ 768kbps, HINDI!

  14. Donald Balanhi

    Check this out. Teddy Locsin, Jr.’s say on PLDT’s .57mbps net connection. He pays P3,900 subscription.

  15. Philippines beats them in price? I doubt it, we probably pay double.

    for 3k in the USA you get 20Mbps down and about 5Mbps up or better. USA is a bigger country, so whats the philippines excuse? If they could make less excuse and care more, it would not be a problem

    • Helveltica

      This!!! We pay for average 1k for just “1Mbps” max bandwidth. This speed isn’t acceptable for todays usage as it’s common users will install wireless routers and connect at least a smartphone and a PC, while others might share to whole family especially on our culture, making 1Mbps nothing but almost useless.

  16. the price per speed for lower tier plans (Php 2k or $45 below) here in PH compared to US is double

    it only gets almost equal when we are to pay around Php2-4k

    the thing is, majority of residential users here wouldn’t ever shell out that much for internet

    and our market is being shared by 2 giants consisting of capitalist

    so here we are getting tired of thinking how fast you can get for paying cheap when almost everyone all over get used to it daily

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