APCN2 fixed, Philippines to expect faster Internet

We’ve previously reported that the country’s Internet connection has been affected due to faulty submarine cables. Today, PLDT has announced that the APCN2 has already been fixed and that normal speeds are now restored.

fast internet

“The consortium operating the Asia-Pacific Cable Network (APCN) which includes the Philippines has fully repaired the two breaks in its fiber optic undersea cable network in China-Korea and Taiwan-Japan. Thus, PLDT services affected by this fiber cable cuts are now fully restored,” PLDT Home posted on their Facebook page.

Since the submerged cables are now fixed, not only PLDT subscribers should be experiencing faster connection speeds, but the whole Philippines as well as eight other APAC countries as mentioned in our previous article.

The cables were reported to be damaged due to movements of tectonic plates, but are now in good working order.

Although PLDT claims that everything is now functioning properly, there are still quite a lot of people reporting on their page regarding sluggish connection. How does your connection fare? Personally, I haven’t gotten the chance to test my speed before and after, but I’ve experienced a boost in connection the past days.


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  1. As an IT student, naging topic din namin kung bakit mabagal ang progress ng Internet speed sa Pinas. One of the said reason was because of Supply & Demand, and also something about the geography of the Philippines. Although the geography part isn’t that believable (kasi there are so many mediums that are available to access the internet) I think it’s more on the supply and demand sides. Even if we say that many filipinos are using the internet, if we look at it in a big picture, konte lang tayo na internet users. Madami pa din ang walang access. Kaya siguro hindi rin makapagprovide ng proper and advanced infrastructures ang mga ISPs dahil sa number of consumers. Or if they do provide, it’s expensive, kasi konte lang ang gumagamit o may kayang mag-avail. Alam naman natin na super mahal magset ng infrastructures. Also, konte lang ang ISPs sa market. I think we need more competition, to have cheapet connections. And lastly, i think a lot of people still don’t know the difference between BIT and BYTE. Anyway, that’s my opinion on the issue.


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