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April 14, 2014

Chromebleed helps protect your PC from Heartbleed

You’ve read about the dangers of the Heartbleed bug with what it could do and what it basically does to online accounts. Now, the new Chromebleed plugin aims to help notify you when you visit sites that are affected by Heartbleed.


Based on one Filippo Valsorda’s tool, the Chromebleed extension alerts you when the page you’re viewing has been hit by the most dangerous bug yet. It shows a notification on the bottom right of the screen and when this happens, the wisest thing to do is head back and report the incident or request a patch to the website’s developers.

The file is light to download at 120kb and automatically installs to Google Chrome. After installing, there will be a small Heartbleed icon showing the status of the checker while it runs continuously on the background.

Follow the link to download Chromebleed.

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2 Responses to “Chromebleed helps protect your PC from Heartbleed”

  1. cmas84 says:

    If you read the reviews of the extension, a lot of it are saying that it doesn’t work..

    • tarugo02 says:

      Wala kasing ma-copy-and-paste from another website kaya di naging aware na di pala gumagana yung extension na yan… Yan napapala ng ALL-HAIL-PLAGIARISM na website, wala nang sariling pag-iisip.

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