Facebook Credits to be sold in Retail Stores

Friendster’s new owner, MOL, is helping Facebook sell FB Credits in Asia, including the Philippines. That means you should be able to buy Facebook Credits at a number of outlets, including 7-11 Stores, nationwide.

MOL has its own virtual currency called MOLPoints which is being sold at over half a million outlets across South-East Asia, including the Philippines, India, Australia and New Zealand.

These MOLPoints can now be used to buy FB Credits which members may then use to buy virtual items on Facebook (esp. FB Games).

A huge part of Asia still uses prepaid cards to buy online credits instead of credit cards and MOL has a large network of retail outlets, including the Philippines.

Seven (7) months ago, Malaysian company MOL bought Friendster to help it steer into the business of selling virtual goods/items.

While Facebook has grown exponentially in these parts of Asia, it has yet to see significant usage of FB Credits because of limited credit card penetration in countries such as the Philippines. Perhaps the prepaid option will change all these (via BusinessWeek).

Anybody out there buying FB Credits lately?

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  1. Aaack! It’s like that Ragnarok game all over again!

  2. winston

    yuga, ito bang site mo copy-paste lang ng ibang top-tier IT blogs like neowin at engadget. ni-rerephrase lang yung post ng iba eh …

  3. @Winston – I do all the gadget reviews myself, including taking the pictures. With other international stories, I get them from a lot of other tech sites like Engadget, TC, Giz, GSMArena, etc.

  4. the only people that I think of buying facebook credit are those who are really… really… addicted to facebook.

    Like buying virtual gifts, apps and tractor plus weapons for your little warrior!!!!!! lols.

  5. @teknisyan,

    As I’ve expected, you still keep commenting senselessness into this blog.

    Go away, pest.

  6. IC DeaDPiPoL

    So parang 3 phase ang conversion?

    Peso -> MOL Points -> Facebook Credits? (not counting kung me FB Credts -> Zynga Coins

  7. Mike B.

    Hell no! FB was meant to be free! Boohoo capitalism!

  8. lawrence


    isnt it free to comment here? low-life people living in the online world. hhaha peace..

    anyway I think that it wont be a hit here in the PH, cause we filipinos will love stuff as long as it’s free..

    buti sana kung ala-OL games with good graphcs sulit paggastosah :)

  9. @Tekinsyan- Agree.

    I’d rather spend my P20 on 7-eleven’s siopao while chatting on FB.

  10. @cris, IC and Dead:

    Yeah… I think MOL is trying it’s luck in FB since their investment on FS is not that successful. But I really don’t see FB Credits as a whole picking up here, even if there are people who are really addicted in FB, RE.. Farmvillagers!!!

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