Get Out More web app makes it “More Fun” with videos

Was invited by BPI yesterday to talk about tech blogging and how BPI Online Banking has help me get out more without worrying about paying bills. They also launched their microsite/web app which allows you to create “It’s More Fun” videos from photos of your trips.

The whole idea reminds me of the Lakbayan web app that we featured here back in 2007.

So I was digging my archives for photos I could use for the video mash-up. The challenge here is to find the best picture that fits the one-word description for the video slide.

The most challenging part is the “dive” entry since despite my many under-water adventures, I can’t find one picture of me in any of my diving trips. The jump shot at the end is the photo-finisher.

Anyway, here’s what I got from the 9 photos I submitted:

Here’s a little challenge for the readers — try out the Get Out More site and make your own video mash-up. You only need 9 photos to complete the video which is uploaded to YouTube (there’s a 15-minute delay since they manually approve the videos but you get email notifications so it’s not that bad).

If you’ve made your own videos, go leave a comment here (it’s going to be from YouTube) with the link to your entries. We’ll pick one lucky winner and send them an Android smartphone.

Go, click here and start doing the videos.

Disclosure: This blogger was paid a speaking fee to talk during the event and to run this little video challenge to the readers. The prize (Android smartphone) was provided by this blogger.

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  1. Here is my Bpi video entry:

    Android android!! hehe :)

  2. My video – 7,107 Islands To Explore! Get Out More!

  3. my get out more entry!

  4. Jelo Manongsong
    Hope you enjoy it! :) Thanks!

  5. Get Out! Get Fun! Get Android Phone! :D

    Here’s my entry:

  6. ara lagazon

    this is my entry..=P

  7. Jerry Culala

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