Globe’s iToolbar re-appears once more

Just tonight we were surprised to see the Globe iToolbar re-appear in our laptop browser. The last time we saw it was back in March 2013.

We were tethering our smartphone to the laptop and the toolbar suddenly appeared on the page in our Netvibes account.


However, it did not appear in other sites that we visited. We’re not sure why it only showed up in Netvibes.

The first time the iToolbar came out was in May 2012 where a lot of subscribers complained about it.

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  1. Christopher

    Well, Globe’s iToolbar is still being implemented even last month. I was in Cebu at that time, using my phone (Lumia 625) tethered to my laptop. Even on my phone browser, that toolbar shows on some of the sites that I visit. That’s pretty annoying because it taking up much space on my phone.

    The toolbar won’t appear on secure (HTTPS) sites, as I observed.

  2. spiderman_fanatic

    As usual, Yugatech is advertising Globe…

    • Basa x2 pag may time


      Basahin muna ng 10x tapos intindihin ng mabuti bago mag comment.

      Kung di maintindihan, magtanong tanong na lang muna… Or better yet, wag na mag comment.

      Friendly advise =)

    • lolopopoy

      @basa x2
      baka puyat si spiderman haha

  3. It never left. It only appears to certain websites. I think is one of those web sites. And it is VERY IRRITATING TO SEE IT THERE FLOATING AROUND YOUR BROWSER…. This is one of the reason I switched to SMART

  4. Smart also has this pesky toolbar (but hidden) using this javascript:

    You will find it out when you have a white box on every non-https sites you visit.

    Tried every smartphones, both old and brand new local and international units.

    Tried every Android browser both stock and from Google Play

    Why do they need to put it there?


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