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February 17, 2014

Google buys SlickLogin – uses sound waves, not passwords

There have been many cases of hacking Internet sites due to stolen passwords. What if your way of securely getting inside is by using unique sound waves? This is what SlickLogin is about, and they have just been bought by Google.

Source: SlickLogin

Source: SlickLogin

Presented around September last year, SlickLogin basically adds a new layer of protection for websites (like those related to banking) before successfully logging in to specific accounts.

What it does is it makes the website play a unique and inaudible sound through the computer speakers which the nearby smartphone picks up through its microphone. An app processes the generated sound and sends a signal back to the computer which verifies if the user is indeed authorized to log in.

Google is still keeping silent as to the amount SlickLogin was bought; and as of today, only the latter has announced this acquisition. There’s still no final date on its launch but we’ll keep you updated.

Would you feel safer logging in using this new security measure? Let us know your thoughts on the comment box below.


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3 Responses to “Google buys SlickLogin – uses sound waves, not passwords”

  1. 1stCommenter says:

    Looks great.. Google needs to implement this ASAP

  2. mark sarinas says:

    It’s more safer than the usual password log-in.

  3. Mr A
    Twitter: solidad

    Not all computers have speakers, or people uses headphones instead. Then there is an issue on noisy environments which can hamper on the login process.

    While amussing, I think using google Authenticator is a better solution for multi-factor authentication. Though, I would guess google will just add this as a feature for google autheticatior.

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