How to get Paypal in the Philippines

Sign up for Paypal in the Philippines!

Someone emailed me today asking some advice about Paypal. He wanted to ask how to sign-up for Paypal even if he’s in the Philippines.

Paypal will tell you — you can’t. Yuga will tell you — technically, you still can. I call it proxy registration.

If you have a relative or a friend who lives in a Paypal approved country. You can ask them to use your email account to sign-up with PayPal for you. They will also need to have a bank account to tie up the Paypal account and be verified.

Once application has been approved, usually a souple of days, you can now use that Paypal account to receive the send money to other Paypal account holders.

Please be reminded though not to use it right after registration as the IP addresses are being logged for authentication. In the first few weeks, ask your relative or friend to do the transactions for you.

After maybe a month or after several successful transactions thru Paypal, you may try logging in yourself. During login, you may get a warning that you are accessing Paypal from a country where it is not approved then you will be asked to verify or authenticate your account. It will ask for random information like your middle name or your US bank account number so be ready to have this information with you. If you cancel your login because you don’t have this information, your account me be flagged and eventually locked. Don’t use it too often, maybe just once a week. Let the system get used to you but not too much. It’s even better if you have a static IP so the system will at least remember you on that end.

The logic behind this is that you act as if you were in the US (or any Paypal approved country) when you signed-up for Paypal and then you just happen to visit the Philippines when you accessed your account. This is not a sure-fire alibi but at least you are consistent. There are other valid Paypal account holders who have had their account locked just because they accessed it from the Philippines.

And oh, if you are using Paypal just to received payments, do empty it or offload to the bank as often as you can (and you know why). Mind you, this is not a long-term solution but others get by (like me for example).

Forgot to tell you that this is not a legit method. It’s just a quick way around for you to get hold of a Paypal account.

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