How to run the new Facebook UI (for Android only)

Facebook is getting ready on releasing a new UI for its Android app for quite a while now and apparently, anyone can experience it before it even comes out by simply following these steps.


Basically the new UI is available to anyone that runs a version 9.0 of the app, and in order to use that version one must become an Alpha tester for Facebook. Don’t worry, though, since becoming an Alpha tester is pretty simple.

Here are the steps to get Facebook’s new user interface running on your Android devices:

  1. Make sure you are not a Beta Facebook tester. If you are, simply leave the Google Group under Settings.
  2. Become an alpha tester by joining this Google Group.
  3. Follow the link in the Google Group to download the alpha version of the app from Google Play. (If you are asked to “Become a tester” before you hit the Facebook landing page on Google Play, click “Become a Tester.”)
  4. Push the application to whichever Android device you would like from Google Play.
  5. Log into the Facebook application on your phone after it is installed.
  6. You should now have the new flat Facebook UI.

The source notes that if your trial is unsuccessful and you don’t see the new interface but are sure that you’re running version 9.0 and up, click the “Clear Data” found under the app’s settings. That should do the trick.

There’s also an alternative method to doing this and it involves sideloading the APK unto the device. Head on to the source for the download link.

Let us know if you guys were able to successfully try it out!


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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Would be better if you provide more information such as screenshots of the new UI on 9.0

  2. Here goes Facebook being Twitter.. again.

  3. Followed the link and it works!

  4. kokey si lolo

    Sir yuga, alpha and beta version already have the new ui
    the latest update 9.0.20 for alpha for beta

  5. Vin Garcia

    It works! they just re-arranged the pre existing tabs and menus, feels the same or the blue got darker?

  6. Te top bar isn’t disappearing when swiping the newsfeed occupying lesser space compared to previous version.

  7. How to download version 9.0?

  8. sirdave07

    It works! Para na ngang Twitter yung layout nya. I find it easier to navigate compared sa previous version kasi swipe swipe na lang.

  9. Alauddin

    Follow the instruction:

    1. Download this link below( but dont install it yet)

    2. uninstall your facebook apps, then install the APK file you donwload.
    3. after install,Run the apps then Log In

    • kokey si lolo

      That version is buggy. is better or
      Dont let them install it dude

  10. Ericaaaaa

    nailed it. and it looks like twitter. ????

  11. Free load toh guys 100% working dami q nakuhang load click lng toh


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