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October 30, 2011

Island Rose buys Flowers Express from LBC

I just learned last week that online flower delivery site has acquired FlowersExpress from rival company LBC for an undisclosed sum. It was a bit of a surprise since the FlowersExpress has the backing of the biggest courier service in the Philippines. (the domain used to be jokingly called flower-sex-press-dot-com-dot-ph) was established by LBC in 2005 to sell and deliver fresh flowers nationwide and to compete with the Island Rose which was the leading online flower shop then.

LBC put up their own online flower business but was still using Island Rose to supply them with flowers. Island Rose operates a relatively large flower farm/garden in Tagaytay.

The acquisition was only made recently (FlowersExpress still has the old about page saying it’s owned by LBC) but the owners of Island Rose will be relaunching the site soon to cater to a specific niche market to separate it from the main site.

The price of the sale is yet unknown but I’m guessing it’s the database of customers and existing traffic makes up for the bulk of the price.

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19 Responses to “Island Rose buys Flowers Express from LBC”

  1. Andre
    Twitter: kzapkzap

    I agree, the flower of Island Rose is very big in Tagaytay :)

  2. Benchmark says:

    Probably LBC has to give up some of their businesses to others, to return the money of their clients in LBC Bank…probably they should have done this before hand if this is the real reason.

  3. Iyan Sommerset
    Twitter: iyansommerset

    Sending flowers remotely? I really don’t get that. I mean, you don’t eat them so they’re purely decorative/gift material. There are a lot more practical gifts than ones that eat up land that could be used to grow food on instead.

    • food says:

      these flower farms employ people from farmers to courier guys so its not all decorative thing, they give livelihood to people. what is a world without flowers or ornamental plants, can you imagine that?

  4. flower says:

    @food, korek ka dyan!

  5. ice says:

    @food: i agree

  6. Mars says:

    It seems to me that despite the popularity of the internet, technology, gadgets, text messaging, emails, facebook, and all… girls still do love receiving flowers from their guys.. cheesy but yes I also send flowers to my GF every now and then. ;)

  7. shakey
    Twitter: shakerbonbon

    not the romantic kind, eh?

  8. Benchmark says:

    I agree with food.

    And if ever you watch Bee Movie, you might understand that flowers are part of our ecosystem…

    It is us who destroy places, we convert farmlands to housing.

  9. Inquisitive Boy says:

    Hi guys. Sorry for me being naive. Im just abit confuse what does the latter implicating to? heres the sentence from the article

    “I just learned last week that online flower delivery site has acquired FlowersExpress from rival company LBC for an undisclosed sum.
    It was a bit of a surprise since the latter has the backing of the biggest courier service in the Philippines.”

    is the latter LBC and former Island rose? Thanks for taking time and answering my question fellow friends!

  10. joe says:


    The Island Rose acquired the LBC’s flower biz, IMHO it is to eliminate the competition.

  11. agrimensor says:

    I might be that Benchmark is correct with regards to the LBC Bank scandal.
    It might also be that Island Rose choked up LBC with regards to price and supply.
    Imagine buying the same product from the same competitor.Hanggang kelan ka tatagal?

  12. Agent_Zer0 says:

    Island Rose ang supplier ng LBC sa Flowers Express, I think, tama lang na Island Rose ang kumuha ng brand na yan.

  13. dee says:

    Its business amigos, when the time Flowers Express has made some gold mine of supplying flowers now is the time to show the real king of the hill lol.

    Seriously, this happens all the time. Now i cant wait for the burger/ fries maker of Mcdo buys them or the real chicken joy supplier of Jollibee takes a share on them

  14. gilbert says:

    if Island Rose is the supplier of LBC Flowers Express, what are they buying then? LOL

  15. love says:

    tnx lbc 2gde with island rose!i recieve flower yesterday..u both make my day!

  16. @Iyan Sommerset

    I highly disagree with you. I own a local flowershop, not only does our business help our clients in their social needs, but we also supply financial and sustainable living to 4 of our employed staff.

  17. Mimi says:

    @Davao Flowers, I agree with you. Owning a business definitely provides opportunities for others, whether customers or our employees, to better their live.

  18. anonymous says:

    Too bad their delivery to individuals is so poor. Perhaps LBC will do better job of it.

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