Kristn sets her eyes on Spot and Click the City

Last week, the folks from TV5 hosted a sneak preview of their new pet project — Kristn. It’s a multi-channel approach at bringing new and fresh content to readers. Kristn has set its eyes at and

The service will be available in a number of platforms so it’s not just another website. Kristn will be available in iOS, Android and even via SMS. We were not shown the apps and how the SMS works so we can’t really comment on that one.

TV5 has tapped a sizable number of people in Kristn’s extended editorial team, both experts and celebrities, to be able to deliver the compelling content they’ve promise.

For now, here’s what the public knows about Kristn.

We were also given access to the beta site of Kristn. It’s almost done but we’re really curious about that search function (could it be Siri-like?).

The gamification strategy involves giving visitors some sort of awards via badges (ala-FourSquare) as well as perks like discounts to certain establishments and services. The idea is to keep visitors coming back and contribute content on top of the resident experts.

Anyway, if you’re interested to see what’s inside Kristn during the beta phase, you can register here to gain access.

Disclosure: This blogger was tapped as a weekly contributor for Kristn in the tech section.

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