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January 20, 2008

Level Up, e-Games on Top Philippine Web Sites

For the longest time, The has been regarded by everyone as the number 1 Philippine website, previously boasting some 44 million pageviews a month (recent figures pegs it at 28M). Since other sites don’t really publicize their numbers, a lot of people are relying on Alexa stats and this website that ranks them accordingly.

And, since time immemorial, (or formerly has comfortably been on the top of that list. It was only lately that I noticed two other locally-oriented websites have actually displaced Here are the latest rankings and the figures:

# 1, Worldwide Alexa Rank: 1,241; Philippines Alexa Rank: # 18
# 2, Worldwide Alexa Rank: 1,857; Philippines Alexa Rank: # 26
# 3, Worldwide Alexa Rank: 2,105; Philippines Alexa Rank: # 31
# 4, WorldwideAlexa Rank: 2,414; Philippines Alexa Rank: # 56

It seems that gaming sites of rival companies Level Up! and IP e-Games are neck and neck in bagging the top spot. Both are community sites with hundreds of thousands of members.

But before we get into any conclusions, let’s remember that Alexa is by no means any definitive metrics to rely on. If we look at sites in the Alexa 5,000 and higher figures, the margin of error should have been lower and more reflective of the actual numbers. I have a good idea of the total number of visits of these 3 sites and I can say that the rankings are actually still off and I still believe Inquirer should be much nearer the top.

On another note, MP3 Codes isn’t really a locally oriented site but it’s owner is a Filipino and I have heard he’s ranking in 6 figures every month too.

However, community sites like e-Games and Level Up! have more loyal members so that might explain the Alexa numbers. If nothing else, it gives us an impression that gaming IS really hot amongst Pinoys.

29 Responses to “Level Up, e-Games on Top Philippine Web Sites”

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