OLX turns to Sellers to get rid of their stuff

Since Sulit has merged and re-branded to become OLX, they have positioned the site to be more about sellers than just buyers. As they take close to 70% of the market share, it is expected that growth will also need to be balanced between supply (sellers) and demand (buyers).


So yes, everybody knows the power and reach of OLX (Sulit) and have at one time or another have bought something from OLX (tried it tons of times).

And in order to get this dynamic ecosystem going, there should also be a steady supply of sellers — that when people think of selling anything they want to get rid of, they would think of OLX first.

I’ve had friends who were able to list and sold a piece of property in Batangas worth Php10 million over OLX in a matter of months. It gave it good reason to also list my Tagaytay property in the hopes to get the same response.

I also have a lot of gadgets I’ve acquired over the years (from smartphones to tablets and laptops) but they have not been listed because I still keep them as an archive (or collection). Perhaps, when the time comes, we will be adding them to my listings.

We’re pretty sure almost everyone here has tried buying something from OLX. Unlike buying, selling is a more challenging task since it involves a lot of negotiations with potential buyers. Calvin’s Hub posted a very funny post about dealing with buyers in OLX (he was selling everything in their house when they migrated to Canada earlier this year).

You can try out selling some of your smaller items over at OLX here.

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