Philippine internet slowest in ASEAN, way below average

An infographic by ASEAN DNA claims to have recent data obtained between March and April 2014, and it compares the average internet speeds of countries around the world and those that are in the ASEAN. Results find that the Philippines is way below the average in Asia and in the whole world, and in the infographic, we are seen trailing as the slowest.


Seen above, you can see that our average internet speed is at 3.6 mbps, while Singapore goes in at 61 mbps, topping everyone in the graph off. The average speeds of all the other ASEAN countries are at somewhere near 10 mbps while it’s at around 15 mbps globally.

If the Philippines continues at this pace, it seems that our internet speed will be truly left behind despite the expensive costs when compared to our neighboring countries.


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  1. engrfrog

    only shows the “MONOPOLY” here in our country.
    or simply just what most of our fellow Filipinos say: “GANID SA TUBO”

    • engrfrog

      and take note.. the unli bundle plans of these telcos are not really “unlimited” as they say..

      and yet most of the products/services here in ph are controlled by only few.. namely: MVP group, SMB group

  2. I’m so rich!

  3. YesBurn

    All of you are stupid. Yeah, a good reason why the Philippines is so shitty is because of the government but a greater reason that outweighs the bad governance is the intelligence of the Pinoys. Let’s be frank, people here are lazy and dense. With that, there is absolutely no room for improvement. It’s not the price guys, it’s your “technology” if that’s what you want to call it lol

  4. TechNet

    I’m guess it’s the technology being used here in the Philippines the reason why the internet speed sucks.

    Recently, I bought a hosting and I was surprised my connection was detected as fraud. I’ve contacted the hosting provider and they said my ISP, which is PLDT(I will mention that here) is using an old (something), which I have no idea.

    So, I’m assuming they’re still using some sort of old technology in both distributing the connections to their subscribers and perhaps at their end.

    They maybe in the process of upgrading, but when it will be implemented and pass to the subscribers.

  5. Slowest Internet, highest social media usage.

  6. YES! RIGHT! there is no Improvement will experience coz PINOYS are illogical!and philosophically CRAPPY! i’m absolutely seeing the same economic status by 3500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000years! while other countries having their effervescent economic stability and success? we are left like a trash. now what guys are we going to continue eating our own race/selves? we are being parasites!

  7. don miata

    Not ony slow but ridiculous EXPENSIVE !!!, i pay here for Globe DSL php2295 for 5 mb.unlimited(speed) in holland, where im from, you pay php 2640.33 for 120 mb.(speed) unlimited use and the 120mb speed is really 120 mb download speed is actually achieved

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    This is the PH what do you people expect? Who give a daman anyway!

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