Philippines makes it to Top 10 in BitTorrent downloads

According to a recent study, the Philippines ranked No. 10 as one of the top illegal downloaders via BitTorrent. The list is led by the US, UK and Italy.

Maroon 5 is the most downloaded artist (with their single, Payphone) in the Philippines with a total of around 8 million downloads via BitTorrent.

Our numbers are pretty close to France and India which only shows how huge the torrent downloads are in the Philippines.


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  1. Should our government be worried?

  2. Miss Call

    Proud to be Filipino! We buy the device to flaunt we can afford one… and pirate the digital content.

    • You’re talking about iSheeps or Fandroids? :DD

    • Jesse Robredo

      Hahaha! pare-parehas lang naman yan pagkabili ng status symbol device nila diretso na agad jailbreak/root ang device nila parang yung psp lang yan dati.

  3. we made it to top 10 even though our ISP services are one of the worst in Asia..iba talaga pinoy..nakakapagtyaga sa <100 kpbs dl speed..

  4. Surprised that China isn’t in the list.

    • oo nga… baka na-copy na nila sa mga DVD. lol!

    • The thing is Chinese use proxy addresses to download contents usually blocked by network firewalls, so they should be around the top most in download count (the download count here instead goes to the proxy server wherever it is located) and not to mention the fact that you could buy almost any software or media at a meager price around the corner

  5. PINOY PRIDE proud to veee finoy! graveh, sovrang nakaka-froud. mga kavavayan, we made it to the top 10! ka-level natin ang US. let’s celevrate our Finoyness.. THIS CALLS FORRR CELEVRATION! froud finoy here. this one’s Finoy Fride. this is phenomenal. one froud Finoy here!
    Finoy Finoy Finoy Finoy Finoy Finoy Finoy Finoy!
    iva kah Finoy! vukod tangi, walang katooolad. ifagvunyi natin ang ating fagiging Finoooooy!

  6. kag@guh@n nga naman ng pinoy. kayayabang sa cellphone gadget. pero original di makabili. kung sabagay, 0g@g na rin ako. OS ko pirata.

  7. Look we’re No. 10, it only shows that we’re just humans. hehe..
    Take note, France is the most strict in Cyber Law and still, they are in No. 9. So guys, please stop making those sarcasm. Lets be realistic ok. ^_^

    • I agree! iba jan parang mayaman na may pangbili talaga ng bluray. Siguro mayaman nga talaga sila.

  8. So proud of us ! Lol.

  9. I think this is expected, since more and more Filipinos use the internet

  10. Slow as balls internet is the reason why we have so many downloads. In most places, it is impossible to stream.

  11. Guys, try to use your head twice.
    Not all downloads available via torrents are illegal?

    Example? Ubuntu is always available via torrent as an alternative way of downloading it.

    If you only know, the use of torrents helps in reducing load in servers…so it isn’t a bad thing at all.

    Problema naman kasi sa ibang tao, kapag narinig nila yung salitang “torrent”, “pirated” kaagad yung pumapasok sa isip nila.

    • Who the hell downloads ubuntu?

    • Sam Wittywicky

      I hate when people use this Ubuntu argument all the time when it comes to defending torrents. You really think 8 million people here will download Ubuntu over a TV show or movie rip?

    • @Sam Wittywicky
      I hate it when people say that torrents are always a way to get pirated stuff over the internet.
      It’s obvious that you guys don’t know the real purpose of torrents together on how they work.

      @Bobo Ka
      Eat your own username. Only geeks and people with high knowledge regarding to computing download Ubuntu. It’s obvious that your saying that because you don’t even know what does the “sudo” command in ubuntu means. You’re such a substandard sub-specie of human and you deserve to be killed.

    • I hate it when you don’t do arguments statistically. So eat “Bobo ka”‘s user name.

    • Sam Wittywicky

      Of course I know how torrents work. And when the hell did I say that “torrents are always a way to get pirated stuff over the internet”? The stats are up there, what you fail to realize is that this country will hardly if ever use torrents for less-than-noble uses. Don’t try to sugar coat it, and don’t be surprised if they pass France soon. The creator of Bit Torrent had a great idea, but like many ideas, they are used differently despite taking advantage of it’s intended purpose.

      And that’s the sad fact about torrenting, if you want to change this country, make all ISP’s like Globe Tattoo Prepaid: block off torrents by severely limiting the connection limits, then we’ll see how many people use torrents.

  12. Hi Abe! wait lang, nalito ako. yung 8 million is that a figure ng downloads ng Payphone or total na ng lahat ng downloads? and for what period? the whole of 2012? thanks! :D

  13. we should be proud about this! IDK if may idea dito ang Maroon 5 hehehe…

  14. chinitoguy

    Its hard to stop this because ITS FREE. Why pay for such? We are already paying for our expensive internet connection and bought our expensive laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Makes sense right?

  15. stats are stats! not something to be extremely proud of but come on… point is Maroon 5 is coming! LOL >XD

  16. in my humble opinion,

    una: nangingibabaw lang kase sa pinoy ang pagiging praktikal. andiyan ang mentality na kung makukuha mo ang isang bagay ng libre, bakit ka pa bibili?

    pangalawa: sa current economical status ng pinas, hindi na ganoong kadali para sa isang ordinaryong masang pinoy ang makasabay sa modernong media.

    take for example tv shows, most of us here in the philippines don’t have TVOs plus the foreign shows we love watching often air delayed. kung game of thrones yan, naspoil ka na na napugutan ng ulo si… not to mention, kung papanoorin mo pa sa tv, andaming commercials.

    and regarding music, the digital media is growing at a fast pace. still in the spirit of being a praktikal na pinoy, mas convenient mag download ng torrent kase libre at ang mahal nung CD sa odysey saka, uso pa ba cd player ngayon? in lieu of my 2nd point, walang credit card ang karamihan para bumili ng tracks sa itunes or any other legal digital mp3 distribution medium para isync sa ipod nila or kung ano mang abot kayang mp3 player gadget ang meron si juan dela cruz.

    andoon man tayo sa estadong marami ng modernong gadgets na nakahain d2 sa pinas gaya ng mp3 players, blue ray players etc, pero wala namang legal na abot kayang paraan na kinakailangan ng mga gadgets na to. meron ka ngang napagipunang led hd smart tv pero wala ka naman kakayahang magmaintain ng budget para sa isang hd cable subscription. meron ka ngang pinagpagurang latest generation ng iPhone na nabili mo ng cash, pero wala kang credit card pambili ng mp3 sa itunes.

    sa madaling salita, hindi kase nagtutugma yung current hardware availabilities sa software complementaries na kinakailangan nito sa isang pinansyal na perspektibo. kaya si pobreng juan, nahanap niyang pangugnay si dakilang torrent para mabridge yung gap sa kakulangang ito.

  17. Karamihan pa ng dinadownload ng Pinoy ay HD Porn :D

  18. ang mahal kasi ng mga dvds at cds. kaya ayun download na lang. para naman makatipid. kung sabagay hindi naman kasi target market ng mga record stores ang mga pobre.

  19. Seconded Vincent’s speech. Although marami nang paraan, like applying for E-On sa Union Bank. Saka nag sisimula nang i integrate ang visa sa mga debit cards. So there’s a way na affordable than CC. Pero kung libre naman makukuha, bakit ka pa magbabayad.

    Saka another point din, is availability. Swerte na yung mga sikat na shows like CSI and such ay na iiari dito. Pero meron din mga hindi talaga available, like Anime shows na hindi talaga puwede for Public consumption (Not Hentai mind you) na hindi talaga kukunin ng mga networks. So yeah, torrents are the next easiest way to go.

  20. For me as long as I am not making money out from these materials I am not doing piracy. I just wanted to see movie, tv series, anime, etc for free. Actually it’s not free because I also paid my internet bill, hard disk (for storage), computer, electric bill, etc just to maintain my collection. These are just personal collection and I share it with close friends and family with no charge and I will not ever make this a business because that’s already a piracy. I simply take downloading materials on the net as file sharing, someone bought that original bluray disc/download them from paid sites and re-encode them to x264 for computers and share them for free. Downloaders must be also responsible enough, they know those materials were not their own so they must not make money from it but they abuse that freedom. The result is that file sharing is very bad image for film makers. That’s why if you really has the purchasing power to buy original copies then do it so to support software companies, movie makers, etc.

  21. For those who really serious about these materials. If you wanted to see boxing, ufc and other tv shows/sports what will you do? like here on Philippines where all seen on tv were undying drama that a male could not relate, we need something for male but it is not available for us. so this are the things we can do to watch them.


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