Publishers see no threat in New Media

In Manila Bulletin, there’s an article about “Publishers see no threat in online newspaper”:

Media experts attending the Publish Asia 2007 conference at the historic landmark Manila Hotel yesterday said the era of print media will not end with the advent of technological innovation such as the online newspaper.

“I don’t think the print media will die because of technological advancement,” said Reiner Mittelbach of Ifra- Germany.

“Newspapers will continue to grow because there are now new ways of presenting contents to suit the needs of contemporary audience,” Mittelbach said.

He said the emergence of the Internet is more of an advantage than a disadvantage when utilized wisely.

“The future expects the newspaper industry to grow with the developments in technology and I think newspaper owners should look at their own business and integrate better ways of using the digital technology for them to improve their business and become profitable,” he said.

I suppose these media experts have read research studies and surveys on online newspapers before making such complacent statements. Others are saying that in the next 50 years, print will be obsolete.

I’d agree. To think that only 10 years ago in the Philippines, no one was reading the local news online. I had newspaper subscriptions to PDI in my dorm and the internet was just in its infancy. Anyway, I hope I’ll still be around in 50 years to witness this.

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  1. E-Ink might save them but I see less and less newspapers on the Bart trains here in San Francisco.I saw an interview with some Manongs who sell papers downtown on the local news last year who were complaining that newspaper sales were shrinking every year. With new technology like Twitter(I received real-time updates about the hostage crisis), the traditional newspaper will eventually die or at least be so sick that nobody cares for it.

  2. Print will never die per se, but its influence continues to dwindle down compared to other forms of publishing, especially online. At one point, it will no longer be a necessity and be relegated to a role similar to film in today’s photography.

  3. I agree with Christian, e-ink I think is the way forward for newspapers to survive. I’ve seen prototypes of foldable e-ink newspapers, they’re amazing!

    They were only in black and white, though, and videos still cannot be played. But it can be folded and you need not turn the pages just to be able to read the entire newspaper!

  4. I think people will get their breaking news on the mobile (3G or WiFi, Abe? How about 4G?)

    e-ink would be great for reading novels and long non-fiction books.

  5. A good electronic book reader might replace the newspaper in about 50 years.

    Sadly, tech magazines will be obsolete in no time.


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