Shopping at Amazon from the Philippines

An old high school friend sent me a text message asking if I had any experience with shopping at Amazon and how to go about it when you want the goods delivered into the country.

I actully don’t have any Amazon-shopping experience so I can’t help him either.

I have a $200 gift certificate there hanging around and waiting but from what I’ve read on their site, Amazon doesn’t deliver in Asia (except for books).

I thought the only way around it is to have the package shipped to a friend or relative in the US then have them send the package here.

Is that really the best way for now?

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  1. delia robrigado

    i need a face mask for my son, his nose was fractured during basketball game, where can i buy it and how much. thank you

  2. I life since 5 years in the phillipines and never have problems. sometimes the boxes was open, but everything was inside.

  3. jerry remulla

    i want to buy wii sega house of the dead

  4. rsgoldjw

    very good, it’s very useful to me, thank you very much!

  5. I really need that $200 GC please..


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