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April 07, 2005

Sign of better things to come.

Only until recently, everybody seems to be running after one another like there’s no tomorrow.

Yahoo! earlier announced it’s going to top up the current 250MB free email account to 1GB. Google then replied back with an ambitious 2GB and beyond inbox for Gmail. YahooGroups also got a facelift with better personalization and group management. Google AdSense now supports local currency including the Philippine Peso so one does not need to have a dollar savings account in order to encash their AdSense cheques.

Competition is indeed healthy.

2 Responses to “Sign of better things to come.”

  1. Fleeb says:

    That is a healthy competition indeed, and something reminded ;) I can’t see any competition :lol:

  2. yuga says:

    Yeah, this is good for consumers like us. Discussions about the the .PH administration is still on-going on my PinoyBlog article here.

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