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March 19, 2011

Sky Broadband offers 5Mbps at Php999

Sky Broadband is set to launch a new offering for their internet service — a special broadband plan of (up to) 5Mbps at only Php999 a month with a 15GB cap.

Now that looks like a very attractive offer if you’re not really a heavy user and don’t spend a lot of time surfing at home (mostly people checking emails, FB and Twitter with a little bit of YouTube now and then).

Telco insiders are saying that around 80% of broadband users don’t really consume more than 15GB of traffic a month, then this alternative plan is for them.

If 15GB is not enough for you, Sky Broadband also offers another tiered plan — 5Mbps at Php1,999 with 35GB cap.

If you think you use more than this amount of bandwidth, then you can still stick to the un-capped (or unlimited) bandwidth plan at 1Mbps for Php999 a month. People now have more choices which plan fits their usage pattern.

140 Responses to “Sky Broadband offers 5Mbps at Php999”

  1. roiji says:

    pwede na hahahhaha nice!

  2. Name: SemS. says:

    may signal po ba yang di2 sa panabo city?

  3. leeto says:

    ok na sana yan, pero based on experience sa lahat ng mga network di naman umaabot ng 1mbps ang signal nila. this is just another trap.

    • reyrenz says:

      mag sun prepaid broadband stick na lang kayo mabilis at tipid pa. ako sun gamit ko sa desktop ko bilis bilis mag surf…

  4. Jon
    Twitter: rand0m_insanity

    Yeoch. Kung 20gb yan, sold ako. That’s more or less my minimum monthly usage. So what happens when we go overboard the 15gb? Do we pay more or just get slower speeds?

    This is interesting.

  5. Rygel says:

    That’s a lot better than Wi-tribe’s offer of 2MBPs @ P1999/month with a cap of 12GB!

  6. Myke
    Twitter: ruromyke

    15GB is just 1 Steam full game for game, so what happens if I reached the cap? Am I back to 1Mbps?

    If that’s the case, it’s OK..hopefully they get Bulacan coverage soon.

  7. someone says:

    the 15GB cap is combined upstream and downstream right?

  8. Chris
    Twitter: c_quijano


    You will be disconnected automatically, and you will need to “top-up” your account.

    It’s P100 per GB.


    If 20GB — you will be charged P999 for the first 15 GB and P500 for the 5 1GB topup.

  9. erik says:

    Why would you want to take this offer? Just for their theoretical speed? If for some reason someone forgets to log off or your kid downloads a tv or movie and forgets about it then what?

    I say stick to the unlimited so there are no worries.

    If you want a bucket type system maybe just count the downloads as an alternative.

  10. Jhay says:

    Sounds tempting and it may be practical for users who just check their email, FB, Twitter and a few YouTube videos, the faster speed could easily tempt them to stay online longer and do more things.

  11. Jedd says:

    Lol! What good is 5mbps for when all you do is tweet, email, facebook, and a little youtube? The market interested in faster internet are ones who do more: they youtube a lot, view internet videos in HD, they download a lot. They torrent. They are into big media. they may be filmmakers, video people, photographers, graphic designers. And that 15gb cap is a little tight.

    • someone says:

      Look at the statistics. The telco(s) pointed out that “80%” of their subscribers do not consume more than 15Gb of data.

      This plan caters to them, the majority of subscribers.

      It’s only logical that the 20% who consume more bandwidth should have to spend more than what the majority of subscribers are paying for.

    • Jedd says:

      They should charge P600 or less for these people then. The 80% who aren’t really using and taking full advantage of their internet subscriptions. Instead of giving the tweeters, emailers, facebookers more speed which they don’t really need, give them cheaper fees.

    • yuga says:

      @jedd – business-wise, it’s not a good idea.

    • jedd says:

      I’m just pointing out that this is a farce deal. This is essentially what they’re telling users: Need a lot of bandwidth? Want to enjoy HD video, download from App stores? You get 1mbps. Just tweeting, email, and Facebook? We’ll give you 5mbps!!!

      It’s not giving users anything of value per their usage patterns contrary to what you say.

  12. Jemuel says:

    it is very expensive. internet and electricity in our country is very expensive

    buti pa sa singapore., mura ang rates at super high speed. taga sa presyo telco’s dito

    • adam says:

      Mahal din ang rates sa Singapore I remember our PUB consumption is around 350 sing dollars sa internet naman 60 sing dollards.Pero kasi kaya sa sweldo unlike sa pinas. Share ko lang Anti Asian/racist Rant

    • Igatech says:

      I admit that his comment is inaccurate. But it is not Anti-Asian (he’s comparing two Asian countries. It’s more like it’s anti-Phil.)

      More importantly, his comment doesn’t have anything to do with race. Stop being too PC to the point that you see slights where there are none.

  13. daniel says:

    BTW… panu ba malaman kung ilang GB per month conumption mo? answer naman oh! hehe

  14. Jeff Jularbal says:

    Kung ang gamit lang namang ng internet mo ay mag t-tweet,mag p-post ng status sa fb eh di advisable to lalo na kung may pldt landline ka.
    Mag add ka na lang ng for abour +250 eh may net ka na para sa fb twitter etc.

  15. SHITTY OFFER says:

    What a shitty offer!! Sa ibang countries 100mbps less thatn 2k pa! Hayup kayong mga telcos! Ginagago nyo lang ang mga pilipino.

  16. Mr.A
    Twitter: solidad

    Make it 500 per month and you got yourself a deal.

  17. Mikko
    Twitter: mikkogozalo

    Certainly not for me who consumes 30-50GB downstream per month.

  18. carmz
    Twitter: carmie_kane

    baket walang inet na below Php600 per month??? compare to other countries parang mahal ng internet sa pinas?!

  19. Enrico says:

    Skybroadband’s service is more disappointing than the competitors!

    I have a client who got their 12mbps corporate plan with bundled cable tv, but sad to say their download and streaming speed is just same as my 1mpbs at home!

    Funny because we were expecting to watch youtube videos without any lags but the buffer still exist. i think they are capping it, we are downloading files from our ftp server at only 100kpbs, buti pa sa 2MB ng pldt or smart ko sa bahay tlagang mka pag download ka ng 150kbps na consistent.

    So after a year my client just dumped skybroadband then switched to another ISP.

  20. alex says:

    ok sana kahit 5gb lang, basta assured ka sa speed na 5mbps.

    EH nung nagpakabit ako ng 3mbps nila, swerte ka na sa 1.5 mbps. Youtube mo pa nag bbuffer.

    Kalimutan mo na rin mga rapidshare at torret. kasi pag iccomplain mo, sasabihin nila illegal yan at wala sila gagawin.

    Ayun, bumalik ulit ako sa PLDT DSL.

    5mbps?! haha! ayusin niyo muna infrastructure niyo!

  21. amang says:

    parang hawing sa A4TECH yung logo ni yuga.

  22. roiji says:

    i am currently a subscriber of their 3Mbps.
    Maabot mo yung subscription speed mo kapag nagtotorrent ka na ng mga files na maraming seeds (100+).
    Pag nagdownload ka rin ng files sa big sites like Google (GMail)mabilis ang DL speed mo.
    Pati sa pag load ng pages mapapansin mo na mabilis ka.
    Instant streaming din ang YouTube at 480p lalo na 360p. Di mo naman need mag 720p kapag maliit lang ang monitor mo at kapag di ka mag full screen at kung kitteh lang naman titignan mo.
    Kaso madalas mag down ang proxies nila lalo na pag bagyo.
    Di pa efficient ang pag reroute ng mga proxy servers nila.
    Last time I checked they have 7 proxies.
    Pag down, most of the time 2 proxies are down :(

  23. F. Lee says:

    … 80% download less than 15GB per month because that’s all they could download…

    I have an unlimited 768 Kbps connection that only works at that speed at around 2 in the morning till about 7 a.m. and I dl about 6-8GB a month. With 5Mbps, 15 GB would be used up in maybe a week.

    Unlimited with a guaranteed consistent, even if lower, connection speed is still better.

    Virgin Media in the U.K. I believe offers 50Mbps connection speeds. Now that is fast!

  24. Winziph
    Twitter: january14n

    ayos na sana kaso bakit may 15GB cap, eh di parang wala rin :(

  25. Jonaflormicfren
    Twitter: daniojr

    Is it nationwide or in some selected areas only?

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