Sky Broadband offers 5Mbps at Php999

Sky Broadband is set to launch a new offering for their internet service — a special broadband plan of (up to) 5Mbps at only Php999 a month with a 15GB cap.

Now that looks like a very attractive offer if you’re not really a heavy user and don’t spend a lot of time surfing at home (mostly people checking emails, FB and Twitter with a little bit of YouTube now and then).

Telco insiders are saying that around 80% of broadband users don’t really consume more than 15GB of traffic a month, then this alternative plan is for them.

If 15GB is not enough for you, Sky Broadband also offers another tiered plan — 5Mbps at Php1,999 with 35GB cap.

If you think you use more than this amount of bandwidth, then you can still stick to the un-capped (or unlimited) bandwidth plan at 1Mbps for Php999 a month. People now have more choices which plan fits their usage pattern.

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  1. ah base sa comment ng mga users dito
    di pa sila reliable besides duon at as conspiracy ang bagal ng net sa pinas
    this is a big ass bs promotion
    sana hinde madame mauto para hinde ito magtagal
    kaya ko nasabe dahil sa 15gb usage limit
    sa ibang bansa ang 1k naten makaka10mbps na
    kung unlimited iyan kukuha ko bukas na bukas rn
    kaya naman nila gawen unli 5mbps lalo na iyon ibang isp talgan iniisahan nila mga customers nila kasi hinde na sila naligayahan sa tubo nila

  2. this is a good offer. wi-tribe is a joke. :)

  3. utara_panaka

    Well you just can’t have everything. May trade off palagi. Hindi naman tayo high tech kagaya ng ibang bansa. Kung gusto mo mabilis mag migrate ka na lang. Dial up na lang muna hahaha..

  4. NineSwordz

    “Telco insiders are saying that around 80% of broadband users don’t really consume more than 15GB of traffic a month..”

    Oh really? =/ ano nagpakabit ka ng net para mag chat at e-mail lang? ugh please.. haven’t they heard the words STREAMING, ONLINE GAMES and DOWNLOADS? dumb a@#$%les.. XD

    • iba iba ang mga internet usage pattern ng mga tao, hindi lahat puro downloads, streaming at online games ginagawa katulad mo.

    • NineSwordz

      Lol I know right. FYI lang bro.. kahit magbukas ka lang ng website.. you’re still consuming “bits”.. meaning you’re downloading parin, kahit konti2x lang. Even bigger with flash-based websites.

      So what if meron 1 desktop + 2 laptop sa bahay mo. With your so-called different usage pattern ng mga tao in 1 household, I don’t think kasya yang 15GB mo dude.

      P.S. I don’t play online games anymore.. solve na ako sa mga emulators. lol

    • and it begs the question, why the hell do you need 5mbps for you to make status updates on facebook, twitter or youtube? para bang naglolokohan lang tayo. They offer 5mbps to those who don’t need it and and offer 1mbps to those who actually need 5mbps. That’s retarded.

    • it’s possible really.
      not everyone knows how to play or do play online games.
      there are even some people who doesn’t know how to play youtube videos.
      and there are people who only download things from yahoo mail (attachments).

    • Operation Super

      I think the only dumbass here is you. If I explain it, I think you won’t be able to comprehend it so why bother.

    • NineSwordz

      As if you can explain.. ni wala ka ngang opinion na naka post? lol. Try to post something first dude. XD

  5. Ok na sana yan pero mas ok siguro if 20GB usage at that same price.

  6. No thanks. I’d go through that bandwidth in 2-3 days.

  7. Ano ba yan? Complain ng complain… kung ayaw niyo then stick to your old plan…

  8. Karl Mac

    That “up to” 5mbps means 0 to 5mbps. Don’t be fooled.

  9. I torrent a lot so this won’t work for me. Also, that 5mbps speed happens in the “ideal” world only.

  10. BOOOOO Walang kwenta 15gb cap.. kaya nga gusto mabilis net para makapag download ng mabilis

  11. so ideally sino dapat ang mag avail ng ganyan kabilis ..atsaka bakit pa may 15Gb cap..whew!

  12. Just went to the official site of that offering (, and just found out that:

    [1] The bandwidth top-up rate – if 15GB/mo. is not enough – is PhP100 per additional 1GB, and
    [2] They have another 5Mbps plan, this time with a 35GB bandwiith data limit, at PhP1,999 per month.

  13. at 5mbps i could use its bandwidth cap in 2 days

  14. A lot of people I know download 2GB to 4GB size of data(file) a day. This is surely a no-no for tech people.

  15. Im a user of SkyCable I subscribe 1.5mbps but they give me 1mbps.. kaya imposible ata yan YUGATECH ..

    He2x Check it out this how to use ipad.

  16. another false hope ng mga ISP…iiyak ka lng sa P999 mo..better try hacked wimax, TOR or VPN para libre..tsk tsk another false advertisement…

  17. razorous

    I’m actually not sure how much I use in a month… I think it would be great if Sky Broadband could give us details of our monthly usage (im currently subscribed to their 1.5mpbs), then personally inform customers that would fit great for this new offering.

  18. erickkk

    I think the reason why people doesn’t consume more then 15gb per month is due to the sh*tty slow & intermittent Internet service.

  19. some movies are more than 1Gig so 15 Gig is small.

  20. Alam niyo ang kulit niyo!!! sinabi na ngang base sa study nila eh 80% of internet users consume less than 15 GB. If you think 15GB is low, then you must be one of the 20% who downloads a lot, then it is not suitable for you and not designed for you, then use other plan and stop barking-up the wrong tree.

  21. reichnamjel

    base on experience, di niyo rin ma aapreciate yung 5 mbps nila na THEORITICAL speed.

    nag subscribe kasi last May 2010 sa 6mbps unli plan nila. and walang kwenta. mabilis lang pag youtube (di lang naman youtube ang ginagamitan ng internet). on all other things, mahina, para kang naka dial up. lol. ang pangit pa ng customer service. pag tumawag ka sa kanila, sasabihin lang na gagawan “raw” nila ng paraan. pero ala pa rin.

    i only had SKY broadband for a MONTH, disconnect ko na agad, binalik ko personally yung modem nila kasi ayaw nilang kunin sa bahay (di ka nila i-didisconnect kung hindi masauli yung modem) Php 4,999 pa nun ang 6mbps plan. sinayang ko lang pera ko sa kanila :(

  22. I am using sky…Dati umaabot speeds ko to 3-7mbps..pero simula nung january 3mbps na lng…Dahil siguro jan. hehehe…

  23. kukulit! parang mga hindi nagbabasa, nakalagay na nga “if you’re not really a heavy user and don’t spend a lot of time surfing at home” =))

    btw, 5Mbps is the port speed. it’s the speed between your modem at home and the switch of your ISP. connection rate to the internet is another thing. that will depend on the CIR set by the ISP to their 5Mbps subscribers.

    pc modem ISP Internet

  24. hi. I haven’t tried this yet. But I’m planning to. I think the reason why ISPs don’t give the advertised burst speed to the fullest is because of those downloading illegal stuff 24/7. The bandwidth cap is a logical move to apply fair usage policy. So, I think sky will be able to give those subscribed in the 5mbps plan up to 70% of the advertised speed. Sky should.

  25. How I wish this can be available in my area too.. Myself as a heavy user does not really consume more than 10gb a month..


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