Squishy Bird: The Solution To Your Flappy Bird Stress

If you haven’t heard of it or played it yet, Flappy Birds is a game for both Android and iOS that is insanely hard and has driven people crazy over the past few days. If you have played it however, you’re probably so pissed now because that stupid bird keeps on hitting the pipes and that you can’t even get a medal. Too stressed? Play Squishy Bird.


Squishy Bird isn’t a downloadable app, you can immediately play it on the internet with your browser. Basically, the goal of the game is to not let any bird pass through the pipes – you have to squish the blood out of them with a click. If one passes, you lose. It’s a lot easier than the Flappy Bird game too, and squishing that no good bird already feels just as good as getting a high score.

Ready to splat some birds? You can check it out here.

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  1. try playing Bulalord(flappy Bird MOD)

  2. karen gail olea

    amazing games

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