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February 17, 2012

The tale on MegaUpload’s Philippine Office

During last January’s news about the shutting down of file-sharing website MegaUpload and the surprise raid of Kim Dotcom’s mansion in New Zealand, the Philippines was also mentioned as one of the governments who helped the FBI in their investigation. And true enough, the local office of MegaUpload has been around for some time now.

I talked to one of the former employees of MegaUpload Philippines earlier today and asked some more details about the company’s local operations.

- Sven, the Country Manager, was alerted that same morning as the New Zealand raid and was able to evade an arrest.

- The company operates in one of the high-rise towers in Taguig (Fort Legend Towers) and employs around 50 people doing back-office.

- The office spans one entire floor of Fort Legend Towers which they rent for Php800,000 a month.

- Employees work on support for MegaUpload, Megaporn and a blog network called Megablogs.

- Kim Dotcom does not have a Filipna wife but an FHM girlfriend.

At the day of the raid at the New Zealand mansion and Hong Kong headquarters, the Philippine office was also alerted and all employees were able to evacuate the office the very same day.

The office has now been shut down, the GM flew to Germany and all remaining properties are being liquidated to compensate the abandoned employees.

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28 Responses to “The tale on MegaUpload’s Philippine Office”

  1. Henry
    Twitter: OurPhilippines

    Wow, I never thought MegaUpload also had an office here in the Philippines. I wonder how the employees, who were working there, worked.

  2. berto says:

    Hindi ko naisip dati na hahantong sa ganito.
    Maging ang btjunkie ay nagwakas na rin.
    Huminto narin sa file sharing ang Filesonic at Fileserve. Alin nmn kaya ang mga susunod.


  3. Opinonated says:

    My reaction after reading this: SO???

    Naman yuga, don’t be afraid to write your opinions here. This is your blog. And a lot of people would actually like to hear your opinion. This sounded more like a chismis than a news to me simply because you wanted this to be as factual as possible.

    Here’s a clue to get you started: What’s your opinion about MU putting up an office here? how would the demise of MU impact filipinos? Just think of piracy and file sharing issues in the Philippines context

  4. Ronald says:

    Rapidshare still exists and is still a haven for illegal softwares and coursewares.

  5. megafan says:

    The real reason behind the shutdown of Megaupload and the arrest of its owners is because of their upcoming product called: Megabox.

    With Megabox, artists get 90% of sales. If an artist doesn’t want to get paid, Megabox would pay for every song that is downloaded from the artists collections. I won’t get into more details but apparently, Megabox is disruptive and a game changer.

    The big record labels doesn’t want Megabox eating into their revenue.

  6. jr says:

    artists just get richer and richer!

  7. anono says:

    haha. naalala ko nag apply ako dyan yung office nila maganda i forgot what floor. relaxed mga tao casual manamit tapos petiks petiks lang.

    pero pag may tumatawag trabaho ng agent makipag phone sex. yun ata yung phone sex sa megaporn. nakakatawa kasi parang wala lang sa kanila yung ingat. sanay na. pero ang laki ng offer nila sakin para maging agent. haha.

    • nega says:

      nag apply din ako and was accepted, although after a few days i left because of a family emergency. pero anono wala naman nangyayaring phone sex dun. all that we did is to just provide customer service to concerns and inquiries along with email support.

    • nabobo says:

      phone sex? hindi ka ata anono, ah bobo ka ata…kung user ka ng megaupload, sa support site non walang phone number kaya walang calls…baka kaya ka nag-apply for free megaporn subscription…may masabi ka lang din e parang si philip!

  8. Dippin Slash says:

    WOW! Megaupload is soooo rich! Unfortunately, this SOPA sucks and all Kim Dotcom’s base belong to the government now.

  9. megateam says:

    lol wala namang calls sa megateam. puro email support lang ang meron sa pagkakaalam ko.

  10. Mike Abundo
    Twitter: MikeAbundo

    I want to know who Kim’s FHM girlfriend is. Even if he’s a millionaire, I appreciate women who appreciate geeks. :)

  11. PC User says:

    in the future bka mahirap kana maka download ng mga cracked na softwares :D

  12. FHM says:

    i hope eric got away. :-)

  13. roiji says:

    buti pa sila may compensation.
    and most of all buti pa sila nakapag evacuate pa!
    kami noong ni-raid (we’re innocent btw) CIDG planted evidence, nanikil pa..

  14. Philip says:

    had a friend who worked at megateam. grabe daw. may mga rooms para sa employees na gusto mag quickie

    • Megamind says:

      Talaga Philip? Where did you get your info? Who’s your friend? You should get your facts straight, too. I know that office from floor to ceiling.

    • quickie rooms? says:

      Care to share which rooms? :) macocontact mo pa ba yung dati mong friend para maverify to?

  15. facts please says:

    To begin with, you should get a bit of the facts straight. The name of the company in the Philippines is not Megaupload. Next this is not a Megaupload office. Otherwise, the office itself should have been raided by the same agency that raided US, NZ, and HK. Lalo na isa tayo sa mga pinaka tuta ng kano

  16. Gillespia says:

    Hi writer. If you’re going to write about Megateam and its employees, at least get your facts straight. For the record, some of the best writers I know worked at Megateam, and whether you like it or not, you just misrepresented them through this haka-haka of an article. Kung sobrang kulang-kulang lang ang mabibigay mo, ‘wag ka na lang magsulat, dahil sa halip na matulungan mo sila, lalo mo pa silang pinagmumukhang masama.

  17. Empleyado says:

    To set the facts straight:

    1. Megateam is not a local office of Megaupload
    2. Sven is the Managing Director, not the Country Manager
    3. 75, not 50 employees
    4. doing support, not back-office, to the different Megasites
    5. Kim Dotcom’s wife is Filipina
    6. Evacuation happened the following day, not on the same day

    • Empleyado says:

      7. Support provided are Email support for Megaupload and Megavideo, Content and Ads moderation for Megapix and Megaclick, and Creative Content for Megablogs.

  18. Empleyado says:

    Philip, mahiya ka sa mga sinasabi mo. Pano mo nagagawang siraan sarili mong mga kaupisina? Di mo ba naisip na nakakabastos yang mga sinabi mong mga kasinungalingan? Mga matino, matalino at magaling na mga empleyado ang nagtrabaho sa Megateam. Ikaw siguro hindi matino dahil nagagawa mong pagtripan ang opisinang pinanggalingan mo at mga taong naging katrabaho at kaibigan mo. Anong klaseng pagkatao meron ka na wala ka manlang pakundangan sa mga babaeng nakatrabaho mo? Di mo ba naisip na imahe ng kababaihan sa Megateam ang dinungisan mo? Pano kung mabasa ito ng mga anak at classmate ng mga anak ng taga Megateam? Naisip mo ba yun? Karamihan pa naman ng naging ka-close mo sa department nyo e babae. Matutuwa kaya sila kung malaman nila pinaggagagawa mo?

  19. kups si philip says:

    malamang baguhan yan si philip….walang idea sa kung anong hirap at ilang matatalinong utak gumana para maitayo ang megateam…malamang wala syang nabibigay na revenue sa company kaya chismis at kagaguhan lang nai-post nya dito sa halip na magagandang services na nagawa ng megaupload at megateam na minsang nagpawi ng kalam ng sikmura nya at nakapagdala sa kanya sa resorts world para makipagdate.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Si Asia Agcaoili yung GF nya.

  21. megaknow says:

    Asia Agcaoili is NOT the GF of Kim Dotcom. She is the wife of Bram van der Kolk and the mother of his two year old son.

    If you did a simple Google search, you would have known. Just type Asia Agcaoili.

    Just like what tsk says, bobo ka talaga. Think before you post.

  22. razorous
    Twitter: razorous

    Video released of police raiding Kim DotCom’s mansion |

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