Twitter now allows users to “Mute” other users

Twitter is in the process of rolling out a new feature called “Mute” that allows users to hide tweets from a certain user from their timeline.

Technically speaking, the Mute feature isn’t exactly new. In fact, the company has been using this feature on Tweetdeck for quite some time already, and other Twitter clients also have this feature as well.

However, unlike the Mute function on Tweetdeck wherein users can opt to hide tweets from a certain user on their timeline or only filter tweets containing specific words (Text Contents), the Mute option on Twitter for iOS/Android and on only applies to individual users.

Some things to know about muting:
o Muted users can follow you and interact with your content.
o You can follow a user you’ve muted. Muting a user will not cause you to unfollow them.
o @ replies and @ mentions from muted users you follow will still appear in your Notifications tab.
o Muted users you follow can still send you a direct message.
o When you mute a user, their previous Tweets will still be displayed; only Tweets from the point you muted them will be hidden.

Once the feature has been activated on your profile, you can immediately Mute user/users by following the steps found on this link.


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  1. Hen-Sheen

    RPG, Sarcastic advice, or TV Remote style?

  2. What’s the use case for this? Why not just block that user entirely?

  3. abuzalzal

    Twitter is outside of my taste. When I go social to people I always Facebook. I have lots of computer friends. I’m not bragging but I think I’m the most popular guy on FB. Please, don’t be jealous of me.

  4. Sorry if this is unrelated to the topic but–Yuga, would you please make the switch to responsive design? Or maybe a mobile site? The Yugatech website is always such a huge pain to load. It takes forever, whether people are on the PC or mobile phone.


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