10 things I like about my Compaq Presario V3000

Ever since I got my new Compaq Presario V3000 laptop, a lot of people have been asking me for reviews about it. I thought I’d give it a couple more weeks before I’d post a more substantial feedback but I guess a Top 10 list of what I liked about it would suffice. Altec Lansing

1) It is fast! An Intel Core 2 Duo at 1.66GHz T5500 coupled with 1GB of RAM is the fastest rig I’ve ever had (desktops or laptop). I’ll spare you the details (that’s for AnandTech to work on.)

2) The built-in Altec Lansing speakers are just awesome. I’m an avid fan of Altec, having bought only that brand since I had my first PC back in college. The audio controls are simple and easy to use — mute, high and low. The sound quality and volume just rocks (ever tried playing DVD on a noisy Starbucks cafe?).

3) Built-in SD, MS, Pro, MMC and XD card readers to easily transfer files from my Ixus to the laptop in a jiffy. Wifi

4) Manual toggle to turn on and off the built-in wifi and blue-tooth devices. With Bluetooth 2.0, I can manage my N3230 with the PC Suite even if it’s tucked in my pocket.

5) Toggle to turn off the trackpad. You can lock it so it won’t respond if you accidentally touch it (rogue cursor movement). This allows you to comfortable use the keyboard un-interrupted even if your palm hits the pad while typing. Comes in handy if you’re using an external mouse.

6) 16x Dual-layer DVD Re-Writer. The store even gave me a whole stack of BenQ DVDs for free. Trackpod lock

7) A really bright 14.1″ WXGA LCD screen (1,280×800) — more display space to work on.

8) Reasonable battery life. This one is just over 3 hours (6-cell) though the store said they could get me a 12-cell battery (6 hours) for under Php8k.

9) Dual built-in microphones situated on the top lid part of the screen. Not really for high-quality podcasting but this is the first time I saw two on a laptop.

10) Elegant blank carbon finish. You’ll have to see and touch it to appreciate.

Port Of course, it doesn’t come in without any drawbacks. First, the same time that I appreciate the extra horizontal display, the added weight comes with the baggage (5.5lbs). The battery life can still be improved, but you need to shell out some more dough to get it to 6 hours. Storage is only 60GB and though I wish it were 100 or 120GB, the DVD-RW comes in handy if you want some more storage space. While it comes in with a PCI Express Card slot, the old but still trusty PCMCIA slot was booted out . And yes, I would have been more delighted if Compact Flash (CF) card reader for my Rebel XT was also supported.

All in all, IMO the Php73,500 I spent for this baby is well worth it.

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  1. @Rajiv – yes, a 1+2GB RAM would make sense but to get the benefits of dual-channel from the RAM, both sticks must be identical.

    As for 64bit, you will have to install a 64-bit version of Windows XP. I tried installing Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and it showed all 4GB of RAM now. Problem is the available device drivers for the 64-bit OS.

  2. Don’t buy this laptop, many complain about this one, blank-screen.

  3. adrian

    hey i have this one too… im planning on upgrading it to 4gig its running on windows vista… can anyone give me tips?? and can I upgrade its videocard??? thanks for helping.^^,

  4. I want to reformat my harddrive, it seems that my 80gb HD is already full, but I’ve got my windows xp installed and some of the microsoft office programs.
    Is it possible to load windows xp professional on this V3000 compaq. How to do this ??

  5. i have bought 2 compaqs. and they are dead now within 3 years. compaq sucks. u will see soon. i will never buy compaq again

  6. Enteng

    i’m lovin my presario v3304tu since i bought it last april 2007.. until recently when i had the urge to use it for gaming… and i realized that it doesn’t have good video card..

    does anybody know if there’s an available external video card for this one and how much? or maybe if i can upgrade it…?


  7. Netman

    Does Compaq Presario V3000 have Blutooth?

    When i remove the battery, there is written Bluetooth on the Battery place holder but i am not able to enable Bluetooth.


  8. Ya know i have a problem with my compaq v3000, it won’t turn on. :(

  9. I rather liked this website post

  10. My compaq v3000 won’t turn on without battery even if it’s plugged. What could be the problem? help me guys. battery’s life is not so good as well and it costs 10k in HP Center. damn

  11. My compaq v3000 won’t turn on without battery even if it’s plugged. What could be the problem? help me guys. battery’s life is not so good as well and it costs 10k in HP Center. damn

    @ upset

    sir i can help you. call or txt 09325256199

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  13. +fvictordevera

    I am still using my compaq v3000. That’s 6 years already! Battery is still good for three hours. Almost 24/7 turned on because i do a lot of stuffs (not mining BCs). Upgraded the RAM to 4GB and the HD to 250GB. But is still don’t know how to use the card reader for MS/Pro. Help! It seems not to fit. I tried all possible ways to insert it. :c

    • Victor,
      Could you please let me know how much does it cost to upgrade compaq v3000 and is it possible and good to have vista home basic on the replaced with windows xp or windows7or8 ?
      Can the OS change happen only after lap upgrade ?

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