5000mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note

We’ve been using the 3600mAh extended battery for the Huawei E5 on regular days but sometimes, during events, I would pack my Samsung Galaxy Note with a high-capacity 5000mAh Li-Ion battery.

I would only do that on occasion where I need to maximize my connection speed and multi-task between my laptop (connected to the pocket WiFi), the tablet and the smartphone.

The battery comes with a back cover for the handset to fit the new form factor.

Last time I remembered using this was during Computex in Taiwan and Samsung Unpack in London where I had to tweet and live-blog at the same time (I was using two different 3G providers).

Anyway, the 5000mAh Li-ion battery is exactly twice the capacity of the original one on the Galaxy Note so more or less you get around double the battery life.

I’ve tried this on many occasions but the graph above shows the battery life over a span of 48 hours where 3G is active. The first 24 hours was dedicated to just mobile browsing, Twitter, FB and a few other stuff.

On the second day, I activated the WiFi hotspot of the Galaxy Note and connected my laptop to it for web surfing and blogging. That’s when the battery started to get some serious stress.

In any case, I managed 44 hours with 14% battery life left. The battery was totally deleted at around 48 hours. Not bad for heavy usage.

The 5000mAh extended battery is being sold by Hot Gadgets over at Sulit for only Php2,180 and comes with a custom back cover (see listing here). They have a similar one, though only 3500mAh, for the Galaxy S2.

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  1. adrian trovela

    sir abe gusto ko nyan 5000mAh extended battery for samsung galaxy note

  2. Thanks in advance Sir Abe :-)

  3. Henry G Canizares

    i want that for my galaxy note, kinda hassle to change battery every day while on hospital duty

  4. Reiniell Liwanag

    Hi Sir Abe,

    if im the lucky one who’ll get this, i will give this to my brother as a birthday gift this coming september. this will be a good help for him esp on his studies.

    Thanks and more power on you blog!

  5. LLoyd Perillo

    This is a good birthday gift for me Sir Abe :)

  6. john uy

    I would like to have this sir abe because i am always out. I barely stay in my house. It takes me two hours just to get to work teach for 9 hours meet my parents almost every night for dinner then go home, takes me another 3-4 hours. I know you know how we die a little inside when we have to turn off data…just to save battery…heartbreaking

  7. Ron Alejandro

    Boss Abe,

    Paano sumali sa contest? Would like to have one. Handy pag asa site especially pag asa rural area, worry free kahit walang outlet.


  8. Daniel apolinario

    If I won. i would give this to my mom who does a lot of calls and texting specially when i ask her to help me buy a phone online.

  9. Louie Cuevas

    I’ve been waiting for this extended batter for note rather than having an extra one… This is good for real mobile work! c”,)

  10. Buboy Padua

    This is better than the 4500mAh from Mugen Power Batteries, capacity and price-wise. I’m using the 3200mAh from Mugen Power for my SGSII. It kinda degraded after more than 6 months of use, so I want to try this battery because it has the bigger capacity – 3500mAh for my SGSII.

    Thanks for the info Sir Abe! More power!

    Is there a contest for this battery – 5000mAh for the SGNote?

  11. Jan Cruz

    Thank you in advance for the battery. Hehehe. This will really pump up my Galaxy Note.

  12. Jay Ermitano

    battery extension…sweet!

    btw for note users out there you can join us…philippine note users on fb…a lot of info for the note…cheers…


  13. ako lang po ba nakakapansin ng picture ng BDO ATM machine sa post na to?


  14. Franc Loise

    I want that :))

  15. Vince Z

    Nice to have this in the SG Note. Iwas charging every night. Iwas stress sa unit. 2 days battery load, pwede!

  16. The speakers are nice. This would be good for my music editing for making routines most especially if it’s time to hear it in an open place after carefully hearing beats from my head phones. I hope to get one among the three

  17. Rex Moreno

    Just found my stylus…broken and halved. My dogs made turned it into a chew toy. Would anyone happen to know how much the original replacement stylus is?


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