Saturday, January 26th, 2013
AKG K350 first impressions

AKG K350 first impressions

A lot of us look for the best-of-the-best in audio –  some in the form of speakers, headphones or in this case, earphones such as the AKG K350.

At first glance, it doesn’t look appealing compared to its competition. The color choices are quite bleak and won’t appeal to everyone. Other than that, there are design elements that make the K350 look sporty.


Pick it up, and you’ll realize that it has a rugged feel to it. It feels durable and not cheap. We find it solidly built all around and while it doesn’t stand out in design, it makes up for it in construction.

Found on the earphones are the playback controls for volume & play/pause (which we think only works with iPods, iPhones and iPads), along with the microphone. It’s close to your mouth so it won’t be a problem talking for most people.


Enough on the appearance and let’s focus on the sound. After all, it’ll be just another expensive ornament if you don’t listen to it.

Just like any other of this kind, it isolates the sound you hear. We took it for a spin and we have to say that it delivers significant amounts of bass –  although it varies for the most part as we tried it on different equalizer settings. Treble, for some reason, was somewhat off at loud volumes. We didn’t appreciate all the loud cymbal-like noises when we were listening to music. It’s okay, don’t get us wrong but your ears won’t last long on loud volume settings.


Midrange frequencies were the quantities that excelled in our moments of use. It mixes well with some bass and treble elements, and it  is surely what creates the music experience with the AKG K350.

The AKG K350 comes with extra ear tips and the pouch/case for the earphones itself with AKG branding over it. The package is quite well, but the design isn’t for everyone. It isn’t the perfect music experience either, but it’s getting there and is trained well to do the job.


The AKG K350 retails for around Php3,799.

AKG K350 specs:
12Hz – 23kHz frequency response
20 mW max input power
16 ohms Input Impedance
121 dB SPL/V Sensitivity
1m cable (length)
3 g (weight)

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