ASUS to offer Android Wear smartwatch under Php6.5K?

Looks like ASUS is planning to join in on the fun of wearable devices. It’s recently been reported to be working on its own smartwatch that runs on Android Wear – going up against the LG G Watch, Motorola Moto 360, and Samsung Gear Live.

Mock-up of ASUS smartwatch

Mock-up of ASUS smartwatch

The still-unnamed ASUS smartwatch is rumored to have an AMOLED display, but it was all that’s been revealed for now. One good news, though, is that it should come at a price point lower than the $229 (approx. Php10K) G Watch, $249 (Php11K) Moto 360, and even the more affordable $200 (Php8K) Gear Live. With an alleged price range between $90 to $149 (Php4K – 6.5K), we can expect the ASUS smartwatch to steal a portion in the market of interested buyers once it launches.

We should be seeing it sometime in September if allegations prove true. If you can no longer wait until then, you might want to take a look at the G Watch and Gear Live as they are already up for purchase and pre-orders.

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