Buffalo 4-Port High-Power USB Charger

This nice little gadget is one of those little stuff I got from my recent trip to Japan. It’s a 4-port high-power USB charger (apparently Buffalo is a huge brand in Japan and always getting front row placement in the mall shelves).

I always bring a lot of devices with me when I travel and along with them, a bunch of chargers as well — one for the HD7, one for the iPhone 4 & the iPad, one for the Huawei E5 and the Energizer/Mili portable battery.

To make things more complicated, some hotel rooms I stay have very limited power outlets (usually just one extra socket) so to be able to split one power socket into 4 USB charging ports is a huge blessing.

The Energizer/Mili portable battery also comes with a charging cable with switchable ports for the iPhone, mini USB, micro USB and the one for most Nokia handsets. Now all I bring with me is the Buffalo 4-port charger and the Mili portable battery set and I can practically charge multiple (up to 4) devices all at the same time.

What’s better is that one of the ports in the charger is specific for the iPad (since it requires higher power/wattage rating, I think it’s 10W instead of the usual 5W for the iPhone).

I forgot how much I got this one for but I think it’s in the Php1k range. Haven’t seen something similar being sold locally but I can double-check with the distributor and ask them how much.

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  1. Wow that was fast! thank you sir,
    Sana meron locally, kukuha din ako nyan para mabawasan dala-dala kong chargers whenever i travel

  2. useful to lalu na sa mga maraming gadget na USB charger lang.

  3. Meron ako nakita Belkin around P1,300 kaso 2 port lang sha pero meron 3 AC outlets. ok din. yun nga lang walang port pang iPad. Sa Market Market ko nakita.


    Sana nga meron na Buffalo charger dito satin.

  4. Any NEWS AND UPDATES about the announcement of winners in Lenovo Yugatech Contest? When it will be announced? Thank you for your reply soon.


  6. @iGal – just got back from the province today. Will post the announcement tomorrow. I also posted an announcement in the comments section of the contest page.

    We also made 3 other contest winner announcements last week:

    For announcement of winners of BlackBerry Contest, see here: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/contests/blackberry-curve-3g-contest-winner/

    For announcement of winners of Western Digital Contest, see here: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/contests/western-digital-500gb-my-passport-winner/

    For announcement of winners of YugaTech Ovi App Contest, see here: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/contests/yugatech-on-ovi-giveaway-winners/

  7. Jeff Jularbal

    Sayang walang pang Laptop…

    Sana meron din silang pang laptop na port para Every Gadget Happy!


  8. Thank you for that links sir yuga. Will be waiting for updates.

  9. Libre na nga ang laptop, may mga hindi pa makapag-antay. Sure ka bang mananalo ka, iGal?

  10. Is that available in the Philippines? I bet you got it free. Buti pa si sir yuga marami prati gadgets hehe

  11. cool. buffalo rn ung brand ng router namn at maliit compared to other brands. hehe

  12. I am using a similar capdase one with 4 USB ports as well but I don’t think it can charge the iPad! I hope they will sell this here! It definitely looks more reliable than the Capdase! Thanks!

  13. Romy Uyehara

    Yuga, just to clarify… The voltage output of a usb port is more or less always 5 volts… It is the wattage that varies.. An ipad needs at least 10 watts of power to charge.

  14. Abe, were you able to use this na simultaneously naka plug iphone, ipad, HD7 and the Huwaei na router? I have one similar to this but made by Capdase na if use all four USB ports for charging, hindi na gumagana. Thanks!

  15. @romy – thanks for the clarification.

    @jono – I tried only 3 – iPad, Huawei E5 and HD7 sabay.

  16. Bought mine @ Digitag (ebuyph) with 7Ports. I think around P700. DTECH ang brand.


    May Solar Energy Hub DT4012 din sila @P520 with 4P.


    Try them. Suki na ako nila.:)

  17. too bad i bought a belkin ipod charger already! grrr… mas sulit ito. and yes, buffalo is quite popular in japan. i have a buffalo magnetic-optical drive and it’s funny that it says “made in the philippines”

  18. butthead

    meron yan cd-r king brand LOL!! haha

  19. saw that one at complink stores. 750php


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