Cherry Superion vs. Archos 70 vs. Galaxy Tab

It looks like we’ve got a really good choice of 7-inch Android tablets this Christmas. Aside from the Apple iPad (which is not officially launched locally but very available in grey market), we’ll have the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Cherry Mobile Superion and the Archos line-up.

That doesn’t include the Chinese iPad clones and the WizPad tablet promised by Redfox back in July. So let’s look at a side-by side comparison of the Android tablet and see which one gets you the best bang for your buck.

Among the 3 tablets, only the Archos offer WiFi-only internet connectivity while the Galaxy Tab and the Superion both offer 3G + WiFi connectivity.

The CM Superion offers a good balance between feature and price point and directly challenges the Php35k pricing of the Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab’s advantage would be the much faster processor and internal storage. It would have made it more compelling if they used an AMOLED display but that would make it more expensive.

The Archos 70, on the other hand, is aiming to be a multimedia tablet — much like an iPad WiFi-only. This became more obvious with the option of getting a 250GB internal storage (HDD) instead of the 8GB Flash drive model. It’s also the cheapest at around Php17k with features very close compared to the other two.

Based on the comparative table above, which of the 3 Android tablets would you likely buy?

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  1. zeeobytez

    cm no flash player, archos only 256mb ram, sgt only 29990 with flash and higher ram u can used it as real internet browser using the flash player 10.1

  2. Dysnerie

    Where can i buy Archos Brand in Philippines, Manila area??

  3. @Dysnerie as posted seen on the previous entries, you may contact archosph at 09176272467.

  4. I’ll take Archos anytime, is it available in cebu?

  5. Whats the use of an “INTERNET TABLET” if you cant use 3G? Does this mean if there’s no wifi in the area Archos is basically useless? FTW

  6. What if, Ill use a micro-USB to USB cable then plug in a Globe Tattoo or a Smart BRO HSDPA will it work??


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