Chimei 22QD LCD: 22″ of Full HD Goodness

Although very new in the Philippines, Chi Mei is a big player in Taiwan (#2) and slowly inching as one of the top producers of LCD panels in the world (ranked #3 globally). I’ve seen the LCD TVs being sold in stores but didn’t know they also do LCD monitors. PC Trends sent in a demo unit — a 21.6″ Full HD Chimei LCD monitor.

chimei lcd

What Chimei lacked in brand recognition and popularity, it makes up in specs and affordability. The design reminded me of my old Samsung 940BW LCD monitors. If I am not mistaken, Samsung gets its LCD panels from Chi Mei in their TV line-up.

chimei monitor

Chimei CMV-22QD
21.6″ LCD
Full HD 1920×1080 resolution (1080p)
20,000:1 contrast ratio
5ms response time
300 cd/m² (brightness)
D-Sub + DVI input connector
2 x 1-watt speakers

On top of the list is the huge screen resolution (1920×1080) and the contrast ratio (20,000:1). I currently have two 22″ Samsung LCDs and one only has 3,000:1 while the other has 15,000:1 contrast ratio. The contrast difference is more evident during video playback.

chimei 22qd

With those specs, big name players would sell a 22″ Full HD LCD monitor between Php15,000 to Php25,000. The Chimei 22QD sells for just Php7,900 to Php8,100 depending on which store you get it. Now that’s really cheap.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I read your feedback and I’m planning to get one soon but I need everyone’s help to satisfy my queries.

    1.) How much is the 24″ Chimei LCD TV?
    2.) What else do I need to buy after getting the LCD? Kailngan ba ng adaptor dito, cables or coonectors for me to succesfully use it as a TV or a pc monitor anytime I want to?

    I’m trying to save space in my room and also would want to land into the right choice. I trust your blogs since you’re all avid users of Chimei.

    I don’t care about the name or how it sounds. I’m after the quality and great satisfaction of it’s consumers. :-)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. My Chimei 19″ LCD got a problem after two years, my monitor is now black out but the green led power is still working. I already tried it in different CPU since I have a computer shop but the problem still exist. Anyway its not bad at all, after two years out of 37 LCD’s that I have its my first time to encounter a problem with this brand.

    Does anyone here know where is the service center of ChiMei?

  3. Hi all

    Sorry no Tagalog, I’m British living in the Philippines, this monitor as of today, is selling for 6,750ph, if you don’t believe me go here:

    I get all my stuff from here, and its so cheap in everything computers, they also deliver to your door with COD, yes they are still one of the few companies who will accept COD, its not advertised on their website, but if you call them, they will tell you they will accept COD.

    I have this monitor, and hell, its a good quality LCD screen for computing.

  4. oh I forgot to tell you, it has a two year warranty from Rsun.

  5. @Adrian

    I believe PC Trends warranty for chimei is 3 years, if you bring it to their office they will repair it free of charge.

    Here’s their address and contact #

    PC Trends, Incorporated

    No. 35 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City Philippines

    (632) 727-6449.

  6. jaszyjay

    but pc trends is only selling it to companies and not to private individuals….

  7. Can this model be use as a TV?

    If yes, how?

    How about the audio, does it have speakers in case you try to use it as a TV?

  8. john santos

    saan ba merong chimei products dito sa parañaque? kasi naghahanap ako ng similar product na nireview niyo, unfortunately, wala akong makita sa sm, salamat…

  9. What would be the possible problem if the chimei LCD Monitor Doesn’t have a Display but still have a power. I’d try to fix it like removing those parts and get it back after but it seems like nothing happened. anyone can help me please .

  10. I have a Chimei 42V7899D and it’s a great TV but the trouble I’m having is it doesn’t play all my WMP video files from my USB storage device and I can’t figure it out. Any suggestions?

  11. jhennay

    After 6 years. Ngayon lang nagloko yung monitor ko na to. San kaya pwede paayos tong chimei na monitor?

    Yung akin kasi natunog lang sya at nailaw yung led sa baba ng logo ng matagal bago bumukas.


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