Coffee Bean goes hi-tech with wireless Order Buzzer

Was just having our regular meetings at the Coffee Bean this afternoon and was surprised the barista gave me this small gadget that looks like a fancy coaster.

The barista then tells me to watch out for the device to light up and vibrate telling me my order is ready.

Not sure how the wireless device operates on but I’m thinking it could be RFID if not WiFi.

I am told this was only rolled out in this branch earlier this week. Really geeky. Really helpful for large and busy coffee shops. I’m thinking some folks might bring these home as trophies. *heh*

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  1. saw something like that a few months ago at happy lemon greenhills.

  2. Nice! Parang Marché sa Singapore.

  3. kim n chi in glorietta 4 food choices uses one as well

  4. Matagal nang ginagamit to ng Chatime. :) But this is really cool. sana lahat ng tea/coffee shop may ganito na.

  5. Encountered it at Krispy Kreme South Korea. Though it was flawed. Kind of nice instead of baristas shouting out their soul.

  6. Rochelle David

    Do u know manufacturers of these here in the philippines?


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