Huawei introduces E5 “Pocket MiFi”

Huawei has announced that they’ll be shipping the new E5 “Pocket MiFi” to the Philippines this month. E5 is the next gen of Globe’s MyFi (only that it’s open-line). They have the same weight and size but the main difference is that the E5 now has a screen to show the signal strength, if you’re connected and the battery meter.

Here’s the press release from Huawei and GComm Business Corp.:

“Huawei is finally bringing its innovative terminal products to the Philippine market. In line with its vision of providing people the opportunity to join the information age regardless of geography and social class, Huawei will officially launch its consumer line products this November starting with the E5 “Pocket Mifi” mobile wireless modem.

Huawei E5 Pocket Mifi is a personal connection device and an ideal mobile broadband solution for Filipinos wanting portable, affordable and high-speed wireless connectivity, anytime, anywhere.

It will be available for sale at Php5,995 in retail shops soon and is exclusively distributed by GComm Business Corp.”

The E5 can function as a mobile wireless hotspot up to 5 devices. You can also turn it into a network storage device by adding more storage with a microSD up to 16GB capacity. Battery is really good, it can give you 3G speed connection for 5-10 hours in a single charge.

I’ve been playing around with the E5 for a couple of weeks now and I’ll be bringing it to my trip to Hong Kong this week. With Globe, my max speed with it is 1.2Mbps downstream. I want to try the maximum 3G speed in Hong Kong. I tried using it on the road and I was pretty impressed that I did not lose signal and WiFi connection in EDSA while cruising.

And since I’m a Globe Tattoo user, one thing that you need to know is that even if you don’t have battery left on the E5, you can still connect it to your laptop’s USB port to charge and act as a regular 3G USB dongle. This unit should be available in the market by the end of November. I can’t see myself going back to using the old Globe Tattoo 3G USB dongle. Full review coming out next week.

Gcomm Business Corp. is the exclusive distributor of Huawei E5 Pocket MiFi in the Philippines. You can contact them at (+632) 659.00.72 or email at

Editor’s Note: Dale is a reviews & special assignments contributor for YugaTech. You can follow him on Twitter @dalekins. – Yuga

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  1. Hope its not like smart’s myfi. AFAIK with smart the device will not work unless its at least initially plugged into a usb port.

    That sort of device SHOULD be stand alone

  2. Patrickross

    @Vince: Could you be more specific about it? You’re required to plug-in the device via USB? Maybe what you’re referring to is the initial set-up. If & when I get one, chances are, I’d be plugging it into a computer too. This is to set-up the security features of the device. After that, you should be able to use the device without the need to connect it to a computer.

  3. @dale/yuga, what stores will be carrying the unlocked device??

  4. @android user (comment #14), it isn’t Wow-ie… It’s huwawei, with tones huá (rising tone) wèi (falling tone)

  5. huwawey

  6. sir yuga, san ba mabibili huawei my fi, wala naman sm north… matatapos na november… really like to buy one.

  7. @Kapteyn – I just ordered one from Electroworld. Its Php5995 there tapos within the week I can pick it up.

  8. san ang electroworld? kahit anong branch meron ba? What’s the contact #?

  9. Halo!

    i went to electroworld – sm bicutan, seems that they haven’t heard of mifi yet. :(

    sang electroworld ka nag order @mimi?

    Thanks much.

  10. hay, lahat ng pinagtatanungan kong stores natatanga kapag sinasabi kong “mi fi”


  11. helo everyone! any update? :)

  12. adshocker

    hi sir yuga,

    was just curious.. if plugged into my laptops usb port, can it still work as a wi-fi device? i mean can i still connect other devices such as mobiles wirelessly?


  13. Sir abe and Yugatech readers! i need ur advice!

    I plan on getting an unlimited postpaid broadband plan (P999) and i’d like to know which network offers the best services for within and outside MM.

    I’ve heard that postpaid sim cards have better speeds compared to prepaid, is that true?

    @sir abe u’r a smart broadband user right? how’s their service so far?

    appreciate your advice guys! Thanks!

  14. I got one in thinkpc sm north.. ayus na ayus.. :) ganda sulit na sulit tong device na ito..

  15. Would like to know what other charges can work with Huawei E5 mifi modem?

  16. the price of mi fi is still at 5K, still expensive. available in sm north edsa, sm cubao and greenhills

  17. I just would like to ask if this will work in the US, using a T-Mobile, Virgin, or AT&T SIM Kit? Thank you.

  18. Leslie CHUA

    I stay in Singapore but travels a bit and am interested to buy the e5s in Manila on my next trip in July. i use a unlocked Huawei stick when travelling. Can u advise if it country locked? Did it work in HK when you were there? I normally buy a local pre-paid SIM as my trip is usually only 3 to 4 days in one country.

  19. I get the unlocked HUAWEI E589 from but seems the 4g network is not as quick as i wish, i need external antenan, anybody n=know where to buy the 4G antenna?


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