Thursday, January 24th, 2013
Jabra Clear first impressions

Jabra Clear first impressions

Some people just look for quality sound without compromising looks with all those tangling wires. Today, we have the Jabra Clear in our hands, a wireless Bluetooth solution for all those people out there. Let’s take it for a spin and see our first impressions after the break.

Jabra Clear

Well, the first time we got our hands on the Clear, we didn’t notice the size. Instead, we noticed the simplicity of its looks. All that there is are the essentials. There’s the ear hook, the micro USB port for charging, the power switch, the volume rocker, and of course the earpiece. There’s also this multipurpose button which can unpair devices, take calls and all the usual stuff.

One thing about the device is that it’s small. It didn’t become so obvious at first, but when we tried to keep it away after use, we were afraid that it could get crushed in our pockets or just get lost.

jabra clear 2

Enough on the looks; let’s talk about audio. Sound was averagely loud for the most part, and it didn’t block the whole ear and it was quite comfortable up to a certain extent. It’s certainly not for music, as the experience obviously isn’t cut out for it. However, from the name of the product itself, it is clear.

The microphone on the bottom did a great job as well as audio was clear and audible.

jabra clear 3

Ever since we charged the battery fully, we have not drained it yet for a day of moderate use. We surely don’t think that anyone could wear it for a long time as it gets irritating after a long while.

Jabra Clear w/ Box

To wrap it all up, we have to say it’s a fine piece of hardware. Of course, it can’t be avoided that it is this small, because larger headsets would tend to be uncomfortable and weird looking. The Jabra Clear retails for more or less Php2,000 – so I guess it’s up to you if you wanna grab one for yourselves. For us, it’s a thumbs up and a win-win situation.

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  1. Bryan Co

    How is the noise cancellation of this headset? Tried the plantronics m155, and then jabra extreme 2, both are having a hard time coping with the outside noise. Currently using the Jawbone iCON HD without the nerd, never been happy especially with the noise assassin.


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