JBL on Call: Nokia 5310 Speaker Dock

When I got this portable speakers for the Nokia 5310, I thought there’ll be no way I can review this unit without the XpressMusic phone. The JBL on Call speaker dock has been out in stores since last year and I thought the speakers were too specific for a phone unit that it wouldn’t get much attention.

Luckily, the sound station has a 3.5″ jack you can hook up to an external source. Most phones don’t support the 3.5″ jack so I thought it would have been better if JBL added an extra 2.5″ adapter with it.

JBL Speakers

The speaker has a power output of 3 watts on each channel and they’re surprisingly loud with a solid bass.

JBL Speakers JBL Speakers JBL Speakers

JBL Speakers JBL Speakers JBL Speakers

It’s not very light as one would expect (0.68kg) and since it’s a bit disappointing that it doesn’t have option for batteries so portability is still limited to a meter or two away from the nearest power socket.

Not sure how much it cost but my closest guess is somewhere north of Php3,500.

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  1. shabil abid

    am using nokia 5310 . i like this product .please send the price & catlog

  2. i’m interested, how much is it and where can i buy it?

  3. my speaker was short circuit. how can i open it? to change fuse..?

  4. Does anyone have this speaker too? How does it sounds?

  5. Amazing that a reviewer can say it does not have an option for batteries. Turn the unit over and see the large battery door!


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