Jollibee taps into NFC-touting HappyPlus Card

Jollibee (and other sister companies) is riding into the NFC craze (near-field communication) with the introduction of an NFC-powered privilege card called HappyPlus.

The HappyPlus Card is basically a reloadable debit card powered by an NFC chip.

To get a better understanding on how it works, here’s a YouTube video of their upcoming commercial.

The reloadable card works with Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon and Mang Inasal. Each card costs Php100 and you load it with any amount in any of fastfood branches mentioned.

Will this fly? Not sure if the market of Jollibee is this tech-savvy. What do you guys think? Will you get one of these when they come out on January 23?

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  1. You’ll earn points and have a chance to win some prizes. So kung regular customer ka ng Jollibee and the sisters companies it wont hurt you to have one. Just treat it as a loyalty card that keeps your budget for your fast food needs.

  2. frm youtube replys;
    …you need to spend 5000 to get back the 100 you paid for the card. Sounds good to me since you earn 1 peso every 50 pesos after you get back the 100 pesos that you paid for the card.
    chrisparc 1 day ago
    the rates are not worth it. maybe if it’s a 1:10, or at least a 1:20
    changedname0103 1 day ago
    Basically, eat 50 burgers to get 1 burger free. :(

    • Anonymous

      ok then, can you give me an example of an existing payment of this type that gives 1Php / 50Php spent …

  3. this one could fail… but at least it would be a start… After all these years I don’t think Mr. Tony Tancaktiong would invest on something that would easily fail… they still have something up their sleeves…

  4. fail. mas ok pa sana credit card terminal nalang

    • The Truth

      I agree with you, Red Ribbon/Tokyo Tokyo w/c are also own by Jolibee Food Corporation are already equipped with credit card terminal. Leaving Behind are Greenwich and Jolibee.
      This Happy Plus Card will definitely fail

    • hmm. I think Tokyo-Tokyo is not part of JFC. I believe it is under the umbrella of KFC and Mister Donut. Correct me on this.

  5. Excited na ako rito. Gusto ko ang cashless transactions. Ginagamit ko rin online payment nila. With this new card, mapapabilis ang transaction kasi di na maghihingian ng barya. Sana nga mag-expand sa ibang companies kahit di part ng Jollibee group. :)

  6. I hope NFC cards will succeed in the Phils and really would like to see its use even in transpo. How about riding in a neighbor tricycle and just taking this card with you. :)

  7. I hope NFC cards will succeed in the Phils and really would like to see its use even in transpo. How about riding in a neighbor tricycle and just taking this card with you? :)

  8. Christopher

    In my opinion, the card will be a good alternative to the Gift Certificate.
    Usage of the card is very easy. I saw my friend using this card already, one tap and its done.

    If this project succeed, the same machines can basically accept the tap-based credit/debit cards like MC paypass. :D

  9. I love eating at these restaurants. If this turns out to be a loyalty card thing then awesome! Looking forward to this.

  10. jcnjcjcnjc

    Nevermind earning points, basta dapat all fastfood chain uses one card for convinient. Then the same card for department stores, drug stores and supermarkets. Sana even sa jeep bus and mrt lrt stations. Like octopus card ng hk.

  11. Sana I can use NFC enabled phones to pay for my transactions, gawin na lang na on top of my post paid bills :)

  12. rotogold

    SM Advantage is giving you 1 point for every 100 peso you purchase. Suki Card is giving you 1 point for every 200 pesos you purchase.

    JFC is giving you 1 point for every 50 pesos. And it is computing you the equivalent points for every peso you are using on the card. Unlike the other 2 cards mentioned above.

    try na. it does not harm using the card to earn points. sometimes you do not have enough cash, you can use the card to purchase using your points.

    SOme are asking why bakit hindi na lang debit or credit cards ang puedeng gamitin? Example, if you are buying 45 pesos of goods, papayag ba ang stores to use your debit and credit cards? No. mahal kase sa stores yun.

    the key word is cashless, loyalty for micropayments. This is an alternative to using coins. Sa coins you seldom get an exact change. sa NFC card, you are paying the exact amount. kUng mauso ang 3.99 , you will be paying 3.99.

    with the loyalty program of JFC Happy PLus, sulit sulit na. Try. and compare. the points are worth earning.

  13. rotogold

    as for NFC on the phone… you just wait.

  14. missingNaction

    the blog stopped here! where’s dima y UGA? is it just my pc or is yUGAboy also broiled into that megaupload controversy?yohooo sir yuga, cum out cum out wherever u r

  15. That is better for Jolibee Group of Companies and good for the eating public.

    It will fly 1000% if they will not charge for the cost of the card.

    The savings they get on faster transaction turn-around and solving their perennial loose-change problem already paid for their investment in NFC software/hardware.

    Do the math: 100,000 cards is P10,000,000

    Tubong Jolibee Arroz Caldo !!!


  16. If you get 1 point for every 50-peso purchase, you’ll need to spend PHP 5,000 para mabawi mo yung 100 pesos na fee ng card (PHP 5,000 = 100 points).

    Hopefully pag na-reach mo yung 5,00 di pa expired yung car. :D

  17. rechie

    sana di lang card ang pwedeng gamitin. sana sa mga NFC-enabled smartphones din :D


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