Kairos, the premium mechanical smart watch hybrid

Planning to get a smart watch soon but don’t like the current all-digital offerings? If that’s the case then Kairos mechanical smart watch hybrid is probably the one you’re waiting for.

The Kairos is simply a combination of a traditional mechanical wrist watch and a modern smart watch. It is made of 316L stainless steel, genuine leather band, and crystal sapphire glass, with the addition of a TOLED display and Bluetooth radio.


Pair it with a smartphone or a tablet and it will be able to display notifications and push-alerts. It also doubles as a fitness tracker, GPS, remote control for mobile devices, and a multi-function chronograph.

Kairos mechanical smart watch hybrid key specs:
Materials: 316L Stainless steel, Genuine leather band, Crystal Sapphire Glass
Bluetooth BLE (4.0)
TOLED RBG Full color (40% transparency)
Touch sensor
3-axis accelerometer w/ gesture detection
180mAh (5-7 days) battery
Charging via USB cable w/ magnetic connector
Android and iOS-compatible
SmartOS (optional Android Wear OS)


As mentioned in the title, the Kairos is a premium smart watch hybrid, and as expected, comes with a premium price tag. Prices start at $1,199 MSRP for the base model up to $2,149 MSRP for the high-end gold model. However, if you pre-order now you can buy these watches at a lower price, from $499 to $1,199, until July 1st.

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  1. Easy E

    So you’ll have an idea how apple will price their iwatch. However, this kairos watch is insanely expensive. To apple: pakibalik muna ang ipod na pwedeng gawing relo. Thanks. Lok

  2. I’m using apple ipod nano 6gen and satisfied with the functions music, nike sport, watch and more

  3. Hen-Sheen

    I wish they would make a Watch Band variant of this product…..


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