Make your iPhone 5’s Nano-SIM work on other devices

If you’re thinking of jumping on the iPhone 5 wagon but is a bit worried that its ultra-tiny SIM card’s compatibility to your other devices, then this accessory might just help you with that.

The announcement of iPhone 5 has raised quite a lot of eyebrows and one of the reasons for that is its use of Nano-SIM. Luckily, international telcos such as Vodafone are well aware of this and decided to make an adapter for the almost microscopic SIM so you can use it across all your devices.

Ok, you might be thinking that this info is useless because you’d have to order from a company that’s half-way around the world from where you are. Well not quite, and I think that this is the part where the Chinese ingenuity kicks in. If it can be made, it can be copied and reproduced hundreds of times over. It’s just going to be a matter of time before we see this accessory being displayed on most cellphone stores in our country.

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  1. alloneaian

    I’ve always wondered… and now here it is ;)

  2. Are micro sim adapter already available?

    • magbasa_ka

      Di ka ba nagbabasa? Basahin mo yung 2nd-3rd paragraphs, malalaman mo yung sagot sa tanong mo….nakakainit ka ng ulo eh!

    • mischievous

      tama! marunong ma magnet diba? anong ginagawa ni google, ebay, sulit, and the like.. common sense people!

    • Ang tanga mo! kung binasa mo na mabuti yung article, nalaman mo kgad ang sagot sa tanong mo! At nde mo na sana kinailangan pang magpost ng stupid question mo!

    • wag nyo namang pagalitan… nagmumukang tanga eh.

    • intindihin

      Eh kayo pala mga tanga eh! James was asking about MICRO-SIM adapter, not NANO-SIM (which is the subject of this article). Magkaiba po yun! Kaya hinay hinay lang kayo sa mga sinusulat nyo!

    • Tita Sutto

      nabasa mo rin ba yung sinabi ni mischievous?
      kung naintindihan mo rin yung sinabi nya na kung marunong kang mag internet, nandyan ang google, ebay, sulit at iba pa, na pwedeng makasagot sa tanong ni james!

      Since sinabi mo narin na magkaiba yung nano at micro-sim adapters, bakit dito sya sa topic na tungkol sa Nano-sim adapter nagtatanong ng tungkol sa Micro-sim adapter? Kung nde ba nman kayo parehong tanga at gunggong!

    • Aw c’mon pipol, wag na kayong magpataasan ng ihi, pare-pareho lang kayong nagkamali. Una, nagmagaling kayo kahit na wala sa lugar. Sagutin niyo na lang yung tanong, at kung iritado kayo, pabayaan niyo na lang: matatabunan din yan!

      Pinapakita niyo ang pagiging mangmang at uneducated sides niyo. Nakakahiya.

    • Punit.

  3. all the trouble of simply switching your SIM. There are emergencies like lowbatt scenarios. Not to mention their propriety USB adaptor which costs $30. Apple really won’t allow a simple sharing.

    • that’s the point. that’s their uniqueness amonst other phones. so if you can’t live with then don’t buy iphone for that simple reason. yoiu can just make DIY sim adapter just what i did.

    • i was just thinking.. maybe what they really want to do is to monopolize everything.. they want to be the norm and that is exactly what they’re trying to do, if everyone goes by their product, then sharing wont be big of a problem. except not everyone likes their product. it’s insane how many people has the previous iteration of iphone and still wants to buy the newer one. i’m not sure if they’re(apple) wining or people or just plain uhmmm “something”

    • ^ you’re right but if you can’t deal with them then don’t patronize apple. i don’t see full-monopolization here because if that’s so, all upcoming phones will carry micro or nano sims.

    • Magkano ba binayad ng Apple sa ‘yo?

  4. you’re right but if you can’t deal with them then don’t patronize apple. i don’t see full-monopolization here because if that’s so, all upcoming phones will carry micro or nano sims.

  5. I’ve had a microsim to regular sized sim adapter for a year or so, they sell a lot of it in singapore, so i think the nano sim adapters should also be available when they release the iphone5 in sg…

  6. off topic sort of: I remember that few years ago, there were proponents of universal charger and connectors for all gadgets specially mobile phones to reduce eco-waste made from non-biodegradable materials than can contribute to soil pollution eventually water contamination. But will all the new innovation on these accessories, the more eco-waste they will produce in the future. just a thought.

  7. let’s wait for cd-r king to start selling micro and nano-sim adapters.


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