Microsoft teams up with British designer to create first Wireless-Charging Pants

Battery life has always been the Achilles heel of almost all smart devices in existence, which is why inventors have tried to come up with every possible workarounds to extend the battery life of these devices or charge it even without the need of a power outlet. Microsoft’s solution? A pair of trousers made by famous designer Adrian Sauvage that can charge a phone by just placing it inside one of its front pockets.

Wireless charging is made possible by equipping the “wearable chino” with the same wireless charging plate found on the Nokia DC-50 and its own of batteries. Sadly, neither Microsoft nor A. Sauvage explained how the pants can be charged when it runs out of juice.

When officially launched, the world’s first Wireless-Charging Trousers will be retailed for a hefty USD340 and will be available on Amazon in the following months.

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