Moverio BT-200 smart glasses add real-life subtitles

The Moverio BT-200, one of Epson’s latest wearable devices, doesn’t only add subtitles to movies, but it can also display subtitles in live performances.


Over in Japan, there’s an upcoming opera and the Moverio BT-200 smart glasses will be used. How it basically works is by using what they call a ‘potaVee’ which is an area-limited, Wi-Fi multicasting platform that delivers the timing-synchronized subtitles to all the smart glasses inside the opera house and displays them while still being able to see through the transparent glass. Also, there is a specific subtitle app for the BT-200.

This way, even if the opera is sung in different languages (usually Italian or German), viewers would still understand and at the same time appreciate the play because of the line-of-sight subtitles — rather than looking at the screen beside the stage for translation, as how it is done today.

I wonder if (gasps), (sighs), and the likes are also included in the live subtitles.


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