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December 02, 2012

Mugen Power outs 6400mAh battery for Galaxy Note 2

If the Galaxy Note 2’s 3100mAh battery is not enough for your then you might want to consider getting Mugen Power’s extended battery that adds 6400mAh worth of juice to your massive handset.

Aside from more than doubling your Note 2’s battery life, the HLI-N7100XL Mugen Power extended battery also features a kickstand for landscape viewing and a battery door to give you an option to swap battery packs. On the downside, all that juice will surely add bulk to your device.

The Mugen Power extended battery costs $98.95 or Php4,038, is available in grey and white colors, and will start shipping on December 21. Meanwhile, you can check our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 here.


6 Responses to “Mugen Power outs 6400mAh battery for Galaxy Note 2”

  1. steelicon says:

    Just in case you’re wondering, that’s more or less 50% more than 4160mAh and half the price of the CF430X handset, excluding the SGNII GT7100 unit itself. :-)

    • shiina says:

      Is it just me or I really saw your comment on about this battery and the CloudFone Thrill 430X?!

      Actually, your suggestion that people should pick the CloudFone Thrill 430x for its phenomenal battery life and affordable price seems so good so I decided to buy one myself.

      I can easily say that CloudFone Thrill 430X beats any smartphone out there in terms of balance between price, performance and battery life.

      CloudFone Thrill 430X is definitely a big bang for the buck and I hope that Yugatech will do a review of it so that many will know how awesome that smartphone is.

    • steelicon says:

      What can I say? I love the 3 day usage and 1000 hours standby time! Dual SIM and dual core to boot! :-)

  2. direk666 says:

    I dont think you need this….I have one with wifi on it will last for 1 1/2 days. for heavy use its 24hrs…:D

  3. mike says:

    Where can I get these products?

    • steelicon says:

      Only online store. Went to Hong Kong, won’t sell the products from the office. No stocks, has to be shipped and use credit card, money transfer or any other mode of online payment.

      http : // www . mugen-power-batteries . com/

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