Netronix DSW142c: Probably the smallest router ever

When this little router (from Netronix) was sent over the other week, I was surprised at how small it was. I brought it during my recent trip to Putrajaya, Malaysia and proved to be very useful when we stayed at the Marriott Hotel.

This router has been shrunk to the size of a Kit-kat chocolate bar, measuring only in thickness and approximately 7.5cm x 6cm across which is a little smaller than a standard calling card.

The router is IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compliant and can reach speeds of up to 150Mbps on wireless and 10/100Mbps on LAN. There’s a little switch on the side that you can trigger to have it work in router mode, AP mode or Client mode.

At the back is the mini-USB socket for power, a LAN port and WAN port (RJ45 socket). The LAN port is useful when I hook it up to a media player (for torrents and NAS) while bridging the WiFi in my apartment.

Up at front are the LED lights for LAN, WAN, WiFi, WPS and Power and that’s pretty much all you get.

Setting up the router was fairly easy and straight-forward. The web admin panel is accessible via the device’s IP address and you can use the simple, built-in setup wizard to configure the router to whatever mode you want it to run.

Best of all is that it’s very small, light-weight and handy. It’s now become part of my gadget travel kit whenever I go on trips.

The Netronix DSW142c sells for about Php1,200 in online stores like Hot Gadgets. You can check out the more information on their Sulit listing here.

Disclosure: Hot Gadgets provided us with the item for review.

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  1. How is the range? Kaya ang cement walls?

  2. I hope they have a 3g version of this

  3. sir yuga, I think meron ang Edimax right? mas maliit dito..

    • The Edimax router is 17mm thick. This one is 15mm. Although the width and length is smaller on the Edimax.

  4. Mas maliit pa ba ito kaysa sa pinakamaliit ng router ng Sapido?

  5. bat sya magiging ok na traveling gadget? diba pocket mifi gamit naten palagi?

  6. Florence Tejadilla

    I think it’s really cute!

  7. kelan kaya magkakaroon ng adsl/wifi-router combo dito sa pinas?haay

  8. kailangan bang magpasubscribe sa mga networks (sun/smart/globe) pag gusto mong magkawifi? di ba basta may router ka okay na yun? sorry newbie abt wifi stuff…

    • for internet access you subscribe for internet service either wired (dsl) or (broadband) wireless from an ISP (Internet Service Provider such as Globe, Smart, SUN, PLDT, Bayantel, etc.)

      Then you hook this up to your router (either the featured product here or from other manufacturers) with wifi features if you want to share this and be able to access internet on multiple wired (desktop PC,etc.) and/or wireless devices (laptop, tablet, smartphones, etc.)you may have.

  9. My router from CDRKing is busted. I want this, need this, as Christmas gift. :)

  10. @duke_06 yes you have to apply to globe router just makes it expand to your home =)(probably try to resell this good product)

  11. ERwin AGustin

    Australia’s ViViFi made by Korean Company Infotek looks like a compact powder but high quality 4G receiver and built in router

  12. ERwin AGustin

    correction Infomark


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